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Spray Gun Troubleshootings

Spray Gun Troubleshootings

1. Fluttering



a. Air enters between fluid nozzle and nozzle seat.

b. Air enters between air baffle and gun body.

c. Air is drawn form fluid needle packing set.

d. Air enters at fluid container fitting nut or fluid hose joint.


a. Remove fluid nozzle to clean seat. If it is damaged, replace nozzle.

b. Remove air baffle to clean, if it is damaged, replace air baffle.

c. Tighten fluid needle packing screw.

d. Tighten joint section after clean.

2. Crescent



Paint buildup on air cap partially clogs horn holes. Air pressure from both horns is different.


Remove obstructions from horn holes with attached brush.But do not use metal objects to clean horn holes.

3. Inclined



1. Paint buildup or damage on fluid nozzle circumference and air cap center.

2. Fluid nozzle is not properly fitted.


1. Clean the paint buildup.If it is damaged,replace the damaged part.

2. Remove the nozzle and clean it.

4. Split



1.Paint viscosity too low.

2. Fluid output too high.


1.Add paint to increase viscosity.

2. Tighten needle adjust knob to reduce fluid output.Or turn pattern adjust valve set clockwise.

5. Heavy Center



1. Paint viscosity is too high.

2. Fluid output too low.


1. Add thinner to reduce viscosity.

2. Turn needle adjust knob counter-clockwise to increase fluid output.

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