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Low Pressure Spray Gun

Low Pressure Spray Gun

Low pressure spray gun

ZEGO provides high quality low pressure spray gun to help you to make finer and cleaner lines. The paint is released in the form of a spray. Simply to say, these low pressure spray guns use compressed air and are easy to paint. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Advantages of Low Pressure Spray Gun

If you like detailed work, portraits, murals, etc., you need some low pressure spray paint. In terms of clean lines and water droplets, this pressure is the most forgiving. Because the output of the coating is low, the volume coming out of the tank is reduced at any given moment.

This translates into the highest level of control over spray paint. Low-pressure paint may bring more things. It is possible to make finer and cleaner lines. In addition, there is a big difference between the pressure of a low pressure spray tank and that of a typical home hardware store. If you have never tried low pressure coatings, we strongly recommend that you try some.

Key features of low pressure spray gun

-High quality low pressure air paint spray gun;

-Lightweight and ergonomic;

-Easy design;

-Reduces operator fatigue;

-Adjustable air pressure control;

Just as the name implies, low pressure automotive spray gun can paint under low air pressure, so as to achieve our spraying effect. Under the condition without high air pressure rebound force, the paint will not make large area dispersion, which can improve the paint using efficiency.

ZEGO Provides Best Low Pressure Spray Gun

If you're planning on buying a low pressure spray gun, there is no better choice than ZEGO Low Pressure Spray Gun. We can provides a series of low pressure spray guns. High-quality and excellent low pressure spray guns are available. These tools can be used in many industries, such as automobile, furniture, manufactures and decorations.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and car paint gun price.

How Do Low Pressure Spray Guns Work?

All pneumatic spray guns work according to the same principles-using some kind of air compressor to make air pressure so as to create airflow. As soon as the pressure is enough, air could be released, which could be allowed to flow through the hoses in the low pressure spray guns. Meanwhile, it could form stream so that it will pass the spray gun.

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