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Tire Inflating Gun

Tire Inflating Gun

Tire inflation gun 

If you have a car, then you must prepare a tire inflation gun on the car. This will ensure that you can quickly solve some tire pressure problems. A tire inflation air gun with pressure gauge can be used for filling tires of various types of valve. With no air leakage, large air intake, the air pressure table on the filling gun can accurately read the air pressure value in the tires, and can automatically inflate and deflate. The filling head will not be disconnected after it is connected. Tire inflation air gun with pressure gauge is a reliable work tool and is quick to operate, simple and convenient, good sealing, fast connection. The whole device is compact, and the filling gun body and tire valve are designed with a no-pressure support structure when operating, and the filling can be connected to the valve alone. It can be closely connected with the nozzle when inflating, and the driver can complete the air filling alone. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Advantages of Tire Inflation Gun

The durable tire inflator has a pistol grip trigger that gives you more control when inflating. The tire inflator has a rubber gauge that can accurately measure tire pressure readings up to 220 PSI. Features include a chuck that can be accessed inside the two wheels. A tire inflator is a tool for home garages and repair shops that inflates tires properly.

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Key Features of Tire Inflating Gun

-Help you get into the narrow space easily;

-Help you get proper air inflation;

-Easy to use;

-Faster and easier to finish your work;

Tire inflating gun will help you get better gas mileage and optimal tire life. The overall design makes this kink of tool easy to connect. Using a nice tool is a smart choice. Tire inflating gun will help you save time and money and finish your work faster and easier.


Matters Need to Know about Tire Inflating Gun

-The filling function needs to be connected to the air compressor to complete, and the filling operation cannot be performed alone.

-Readings are intuitive and accurate.

-Tire pressure is too low, excessive abrasion on both sides.

-Tire pressure is too high, excessive abrasion in the middle.

-Normal tire pressure makes even tire abrasion.

-Regular check your tire pressure to ensure safety.

How to use a tire inflation gun?

Firstly squeeze the clip, place the chuck on the valve mouth of any Schrader type tire, push the chuck onto the stem, release the clip, and then lock the hands-free chuck. Inflate by pinching the trigger of the inflatable gun. Now, you can take action.

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