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Spray Foam Gun

Spray Foam Gun

Spray foam gun

In the process of spraying materials, spray foam gun is essential. The spray foam gun needs to mix the material quickly during the spraying process, which needs to be done at a very fast speed, because the bonded material begins to harden immediately. Therefore, no material can be retained in the foam gun for a long time. Excess material needs to be removed from the spray foam gun during the purging process.

Features of spray foam gun

Spray foam guns are important to the process of applying sprayed materials. They can mix the materials during the spraying process, which ensures high efficiency and prevents the combined materials from hardening due to remaining in the spray foam gun for a long time. 

Advantages of spray foam gun


-body made of aluminum with a metal trigger;

-great precision;

-flow control mechanism;

Spray foam gun provided by Zego spray gun factory has access to hard-to-reach areas. It also has large flow control knob, which secures the overall system. Besides, the nozzle is replaceable. The excellent design can prevent dripping.

Tips of spray foam gun

If you take care of it, it is a good tool. Follow the tips below:

-Protect the tip. Do not damage it. If you do not protect it carefully, it will begin to clog or leak.

-Wipe the tip after using. Avoid foam on the tip.

-If you use this upside down (can facing down) it will work for about 3 seconds and then start spraying gas only. This will make the can last a lot shorter and you will cause it to dribble and make it a pain in the butt to use.

Spray foam gun common fault and solutions

-Air bubbles appear in the gun pot

Cause 1:Spray gun nozzle set is not tightly installed

Result: Air enters the paint channel and bubbles appear in the gun pot when spraying.

Solution: Tighten the nozzle.

Cause 2: Blockage behind the nozzle

Result: Paint residue prevents the nozzle from sealing 100% with the air diverter ring.

Solution: Clean the nozzle carefully.

Cause 3: Damage to the surface of the air diverter ring

Result: Air entered the paint channel due to improper disassembly.

Solution: Replace the air diverter ring.

Cause 4: Clogging of gun pot venting hole

Result: Due to the vacuum, air will be sucked into the paint channel and bubbles will appear first and then the paint will leak.

Solution: Clean the gun pot vent hole and replace the gun pot if necessary.

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