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Mini Spray Gun / Touch Up Spray Gun

Mini Spray Gun / Touch Up Spray Gun

Application of miniature spray gun

ZEGO provides miniature spray gun and mini touch up spray gun, featuring a low-volume and low-pressure function which enables the worker easily control the spray flow, reducing excessive spraying and waste. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Miniature spray gun can be used in a variety of different applications, such as automotive, industrial spray, marine and woodworking. The operation of the miniature spray gun requires less air, so the worker can only use a smaller air compressor. 

Advantages of the miniature spray gun

Miniature spray gun has the stainless steel fluid needles and nozzles, which are erosion-resisting. Besides, it has 1.0 mm fluid nozzle and an air regulator. The 150 ml cup is made of aluminum. The independent and adjustable fluid fan mode and air control make more precise and avoid overspray. Miniature spray gun can offer a fast operating speed and give the worker greater control.

Best miniature spray guns

Auto Refinishing Mini Spray Gun HVLP TH102AG


A best mini spray gun could have a patented cup liner for smooth material delivery. The mini air sprayer is especially for metal flakes and high-solid paints.  Meanwhile, it has a 2.0mm special nozzle setup. Our products have excellent quality and are very well made. If you want to paint in a hard to get into area, the miniature spray gun is your best choice.

Key features of miniature spray gun

Ideal for patching parts, panel repairs, gatepost and hard-to-reach areas;

Includes spray gun nozzle set;

Suitable for most spray painting applications;

Adjustable spray pattern;

Volume controls to suit various applications;

Better spray atomization and less overspray.

Movement speed of miniature spray gun 

During the spraying operation, the moving speed of the paint gun has a great impact on the painting effect. If the miniature spray gun moves too fast, the coating surface would be thin and dry. If the miniature spray gun moves slowly, the coating surface would be certainly thick, and would be easy to appear flow hanging. The most ideal moving speed of miniature spray gun can make the coating surface full, uniform and wetting, which requires an experienced spraying operator to control precisely.

Product Overview

The TH102AG MINI HVLP SPRAY GUN with gravity feed, no o-ring design, unique dual-color ring & knobs, high-grade S.S tip&needle and 2-finger trigger is perfect for the atomization of paint. Use this MINI HVLP spray gun for projects such as painting furniture and woodworking, as well as automotive and industrial applications. This kind of gun can make out high output but has less overspray. 

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