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Primer Spray Gun

Primer Spray Gun

Overview of Automotive Primer Spray Gun

Being the first coating applied, without doubt, primer is a key part of finishing. Not only offering a smooth base, but it also helps cover stains and enhances the protection of the substrate.

With such an irreplaceable part in achieving the expected coating performance, no one can deny the importance of the proper auto primer spraying machine.

The automotive primer spray gun is a tool that all car painters must have. There is no better choice than using this automotive primer spray gun. Our best automotive primer spray gun provides a smooth base where they can build their car's top and clear coats.

Only when the application is proper can we see the stunning foundation for the top and clear coats' applying. The rest of their work can not appear vividly without a well-applied best primer spray gun.

A 1.4 MM – 1.6 MM Fluid Nozzle is highly recommended for the best primer spray gun.

How to clean an automotive primer spray gun?

1. Disconnect the compressed gas source, and remove the regulator. 

2. Pour all unused media out of the cup and remove as much material as possible. 

3. Remove the spray paint cups and cover and remove the gun according to the instructions. 

4. Put all components in metal containers and soak them in special detergents. 

5. Dry every part thoroughly. 

6. When reassembling the equipment, lubricate the appropriate parts so that they can move freely.

Matters need to know when using the automotive primer spray gun

When we use the auto primer spraying machine, we must pay attention to some of the following conditions, so that not only can generally improve efficiency, but also protect the automotive primer spray gun and prolong the service time.

- According to the correct steps to install and remove the nozzle three pieces set.

-Do not use damaged nozzles.

-Regular inspection or replacement of the automatic gun seal.

-Adjust the spray width adjustment knob with proper strength.

-Never soak the primer spray gun in the solvent.

-Use a neutral cleaning solution to clean the gun, pay attention to the PH value of the cleaning solution between 6 and 8.

How to handle the automotive primer spray gun

The painter should handle the automotive primer spray gun in a correct and proper way. Every painter has different skills and different operation speed. However, you must ensure that the automotive primer spray gun is perpendicular to the surface of the car, and keep it from a proper distance, to optimize the use of its spray gun nozzle set.

While some painter do not follow the rules until they get reach to the end of panel. During this time, they twisted their wrists so that the muzzle of the automotive primer spray gun pointed at the end of the panel, rather than moving the whole air along the length of the panel.

Importance of  preparation of painting primer

For painting, the preparation of the work is very important. If the operation and some of the notices of using automotive primer spray gun can be clear before painting, you can be more efficient in the latter steps of the work. Therefore, before painting, it is also necessary to primer spraying operation. This will better fill the workpiece of the bottom micro-hole, increase the adhesion of the lower layer of paint, and at the same time indicate clearly the existing defects.

How to choose the automotive primer spray gun?

For the automotive primer painting, effect, the quality of the automotive paint is absolutely an important part, but at the same time, we must understand that the choice of automotive primer spray gun is also an important part. So how should we choose an automotive paint spray gun?

Automotive spraying is divided into two conditions. One is in the manufacturing process to paint, and the other is the use of the car after the appearance of scratches. These two conditions have different usage of the automotive spray gun.

I. Auto original spraying

The original spraying of the car has to go through many steps, using generally high-temperature automotive paint. If the whole car is sprayed then a pressure feed spray gun is generally used. This spray gun does not have a pot on top, it has a paint inlet and draws paint from a separate paint can. When adding pressure to the paint can, several automotive spray guns can be supplied with paint at the same time. In the case of complete automotive painting, the volume of paint required is high, so a pressure feed gun is suitable for high volume and continuous painting operations.

In the case of off-line repair, a gravity spray gun is generally used. This type of automotive spray gun is mainly for small area repair, mainly relying on its own gravity and the negative pressure between the nozzle and the paint sprayed out, and then the paint atomized in the air. If the amount of spraying is small, the spraying area is small, and also need to change the color often, then you should use this kind of car gun.

II. Auto repair spraying.

The repair is divided into three main conditions. The first is topcoat spraying. When spraying, the worker can spray economically and also can spray with high flow, or choose to low flow and medium air pressure spraying. In general, specifically for topcoat auto spraying gun is used by workers. 

The second is for small repair spraying. At present, there are spray guns for primer spraying, color paint spraying guns, clear coat spraying guns, and small repair spraying guns in auto 4S stores. 

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