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Clear Coat Spray Gun

Clear Coat Spray Gun

Description of Clear Coat Spray Gun

ZEGO best clear coat spray gun provides better and effective protection from paint, primer and frames from the elements. If you use the best clear coat paint gun, the material transfer efficiency is significantly improved and this tool will greatly reduce the damage. Meanwhile, the best clear coat spray gun can save your time and improve the coat covering and spraying.

Advantages of Clear Coat Spray Gun

Without a thick clear coating, good paintwork can not be done. By using a layer of polyurethane or other water-resistant material, the life of any wooden object can be greatly increased. Of course, it can be difficult to get the desired smoothing effect. The best best paint gun for clear coat can solve this problem with its own equipment, and it is much easier to obtain a smooth coating.

Key Features of Clear Coat Spray Gun

-Provide a higher application speed under a lower pressure so as to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the best clear coat spray gun.

-Easy to install. The painter can move the tools quickly. The best clear coat spray gun could replicate any surface almost effortlessly.

-With industrial paint gun quieter application experience, more pleasant to use.

-Produce a uniform, stable and consistent spray to apply the varnish coating that painters well know and like.

-Provide the painter with the ability to produce a consistent overall effect across the entire work area, with minimal effort-giving the painter more control over the spraying process.

The difference between clear coat spray gun and finishing coat spray gun

For the spraying of clear coat, it is only necessary to spray the clear coat evenly to the surface of the workpiece. The spraying width must be wider for the wetting layer than the atomized layer, and the spraying of clear coat requires good filler, and the filler mainly relies on the wetting layer to complete, otherwise it will bring poorer results to the spraying of primer, and even bring time-consuming and costly consequences to the grinding process of primer coating.

Finishing coat mainly plays the role of coloring and decoration, coloring this link is very important, directly in front of the customer's eyes, must make the top coat color spraying uniform, and requires good leveling, so the top coat spray gun spraying emphasis on atomization effect, spray width is atomized layer than the wetting layer wide.

What size tip is best for spraying clear coat?

To choose the size tip for a clear coat spray gun is important to spray. As for the varnish coating painting of the widget and project, we recommend using a 1.2mm nozzle. If you want to paint the whole automobile, we recommend using a 1.3mm nozzle. While 1.4mm nozzle is the perfect choice for clear base coat painting. Because of its droplet size, it allows the particles to self-orientate to eliminate streaks and spots.

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