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MP Spray Gun

MP Spray Gun

MP Spray Gun Features

The MP Spray Gun provides greater output than the HVLP spray gun and enables faster application at higher atomization levels. With an efficiency of over 65%, the quality of the finish is comparable to that of the best high-pressure spray finish.

ZEGO mp spray gun features extremely wide fans, high material flow ensure faster work and an ergonomic design. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Advantages of MP Spray Gun 

MP Spray Gun is very suitable for any type of professional spray surface treatment. The mp spray gun has a wide range of applications and performance treatments and can be easily applied to all types of coatings, including materials with high solids content. Like any traditional high pressure paint sprayer, the MP Spray Gun has familiar controls and has many of the advantages of HVLP.

Fan mode control allows accurate adjustment of the fan to reduce painting and waste. The optimized air cap design produces soft spray patterns and excellent atomization. Extremely wide fans and high material flow ensure faster work. The ergonomic design keeps the spray gun comfortable for a long time

MP Spray Gun Description

MP spray gun is light and easy to use. The body is made of aluminium. It only weigh 548g. And the nozzle range is 1.0-2.0mm. For spraying objects and decorative jobs, MP spray gun can work well and greatly improve the efficiency. High quality MP spray gun guarantees particularly high transfer efficiency.

BEST MP Spray Gun



MP spray gun is mainly to use for top coating and other general purpose. It has high flow professional swivel connectors and high flow professional air pressure regulator with gauge. With patented no-Glue, it also has detachable paint pick-up system. With siphon feed, no o-ring design, unique dual-color ring and knobs, high-grade s.s tip and needle, MP spray gun can give costumers a good using experience.

MP Spray Gun Maintenance

It is best to lubricate the gun after each day's work. Regularly change the frayed needle because of the normal use. Changing steps should be followed manual by the factory. Do not soak the entire MP spray gun in cleaning fluid for long periods of time, as this will harden the seals and destroy the lubrication. If these guns are kept in good cleaning and working order, a lot of adjustment and cleaning time will be saved during gun changes.

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