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High Pressure Spray Gun

High Pressure Spray Gun

Overview of High Pressure Spray Gun

The high-pressure spray gun is suitable for large-area high-quality spraying of high-viscosity coatings. It can be used to spray truck frames, trains, containers, etc.

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Advantages of High Pressure Spray Gun

With air assist, its spraying effect is comparable to ordinary air spray guns. 

The fan size can also be adjusted to suit the workpiece. 

It meets the high quality requirements of air-assisted airless hand spray guns with long service life. 

Large area spraying with less overspray  is very environmentally friendly. 

There are several models of high-pressure spray guns for different coatings and work needs.

Matters Need to Know for Using High Pressure Spray Gun

Attach the air hose from the compressor to the pot adjust the regulator to the desired. Pressure this is usually about forty-five to sixty pounds per square inch.

1)As the high pressure spray gun will generate a certain pressure when used, so please do not use directly on the human body.

2)When the high pressure spray gun is operating with water, the nozzle spray direction should be away from power and electrical equipment to avoid the risk of electric shock.

3)When the use of water pressure is less than 2kg/cm2, it is recommended that the optional booster pump to give full play to the gun cleaning role.

4)When using compressed air or other gases, optional with its pipeline country supporting the connection.

6)Please do not place the high pressure gun and nozzle with silicone rubber parts in oil and paraffin medium to avoid aging and deformation of silicone rubber parts.

7)If the high pressure spray gun failed, do not disassemble the gun by yourself, but contact the factory.

What is the Difference Between a High Pressure Gun and a Low Pressure Gun?

Pneumatic guns are divided into two types of high pressure guns and low pressure guns according to the size of the air consumed. So what are the boundaries used to define the size of this specific air pressure? Usually we use about 0.2Mpa in the daily use of the process to determine whether the gun belongs to the high pressure gun and low pressure spray gun. Then what are the characteristics of each of them.

High pressure spray gun: the use of air pressure in the range of 0.4-0.5Mpa, which is the general pneumatic spray gun air pressure range. All this range can not be called the absolute high-pressure spray gun, of course, compared to low pressure is indeed high pressure. Its main feature is the strong ability to spray atomization. Able to quickly spray a large area of our products in different industries. Greatly improve the efficiency. But its disadvantage is that the paint or paint wasted more.

Low pressure spray gun: as the name implies is in the case of low air pressure can atomize good paint, can achieve our spraying effect, the main thing is that in the absence of high air pressure rebound force, the paint will not fly apart over a large area. Thus improving the paint application rate.

Preparation Before Using High Pressure Spray Gun

1) The painter in the use of high pressure spray gun for work before must check the screws and nuts of each part to see if there is loosening.

2) Ensure that all parts are firmly and tightly connected.

3) Determine the power supply voltage and the label specified parameters consistent.

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