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Air Hopper Gun

Air Hopper Gun

What is an air hopper spray gun?

An air hopper spray gun is used for facilitating textured finishes for drywall-covered surfaces. With an air compressor equipped, the air compressor hopper gun can push the material through its nozzle and spray it on the wall or ceiling. So with hopper gun air compressor, hopper gun works well. In general, the nozzle and the airflow are adjustable for meeting various needs.

ZEGO provides high-quality air hopper spray guns. The spray gun nozzle set and the airflow are adjustable for meeting various needs. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Key features of air hopper spray gun

-High quality helps you work safely and quickly.

-Perfect performance, adjustable material to avoid waste.

-User-friendly design for easy gripping and handling

-Equipment for easier control of flow

-Ideal for spray painting of different demands.

Zego air hopper industrial paint gun is an ideal tool for applying to walls and ceiling. Zego air compressor hopper gun is suitable for decorators and painters. This air hopper gun can make the continuous painting for a long time. Besides, hopper gun works for durable time. An air hopper spray gun can spray for a long time without fatigue.

Advantages of air hopper spray gun

Air hopper spray gun performs perfectly and its value is outstanding. Zego air hopper spray gun has a large, flexible, transparent blade. This made the knockdown perfect. It works great with slight modification. This was highly effective for texturing. Great for small areas. Light and easy to clean and service. Easy to put together and really easy to use. Works great for someone who never used one, easy to set up and adjust to starting spraying.

Can you spray paint with an air hopper spray gun?

Because hopper gun air compressor is equipped with a heavy-duty plastic hopper, this kind of air hopper spray gun can bear plenty of paint. The air hopper gun is suitable for continuous painting. And the trigger design is easy to control flowing paint, so as to achieve better painting. Meanwhile, this kind of air compressor hopper gun will save your time and avoid waste.

Tips for using air hopper spray guns

-Please read and understand the whole manual before assembling, operating, or installing the product for your safety.

-Be aware that extension cord and air hoses may present tripping hazards.

-Do not operate tools if damaged during shipping, handling, or unsafe transportation of items.

-Keep children away from the work area and tools.

-Wear proper protective gear.

-To reduce the risk of hearing damage ensure you use proper ear protection to safeguard your hearing.

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