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Spray Gun Operation Safety Precautions

Spray Gun Operation Safety Precautions

Fire and Explosion

1. Spark and open flames are strictly prohibited.

Paints can be highly flammable and can cause fire.



Which can cause cracks or dissolution on spray gun body (aluminum) by chemical reaction.

Unsuitable solvents: methyl chloride, dichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene, trichloroethane (Besure that all fluids and solvents are compatible with spray gun parts).

3. Securely ground spray gun. Securely ground spray gun by using air hose with built-inground wire.

Check the earth stability periodically.

If not, insufficient grounding can cause fire and explosion due to static electric sparking.


Improper Use of Spray Gun Equipment

1. Never point gun toward people or animal.

If done, it can cause inflammation of eyes and skin or bodily injury.

2. Never exceed maximum operating pressure and maximum operating temperature.

3. Be sure to release air and fluid pressures before cleaning, disassembling or servicing.

If not, remaining pressure can cause bodily injury due to improper operation or scattering cleaning liquid. In order to release pressure, first stop supply of compressed air, fluid and thinner to spray gun. Then remove needle adjust knob and pull fluid needle set toward you.

4. Tip of fluid needle set has a sharp point.

Do not touch the tip of fluid needle during maintenance for the protection of human body.


Protection of Human Body

1. Use in a well-ventilated site by using spray gun. If not, poor ventilation can cause organic solvent poisoning and catch fire.

2. Always wear protective gear (safety glasses, mask, gloves). If not, cleaning liquid can cause inflammation of eyes and skin.

If you feel something wrong with eyes or skin, immediately see a doctor.

3. Wear earplugs if necessary.

Noise level can exceed 85db(A), depending on operating conditions and painting site.

4. If operators pull the trigger many times during operation, it may cause carpaltunnel syndrome. Be sure to take a rest if you feel tired.


Other Precautions

1. Never alter this spray gun.

If done, it can cause insufficient performance and failure.

2. Enter workingareas of other equipment (robots,reciprocator,etc.) after machines are turned off.

If not, contact with them can cause injury.

3. Never spray foods or chemicals through this gun.

If done, it can cause accident by corrosion of fluid passages or adversely affect health by mixed foreign matter.

4. If something goes wrong, immediately stop operation and find the cause. Do not use again until you have solved the problem.