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Reasons for the Popularity of Siphon Spray Guns

Reasons for the Popularity of Siphon Spray Guns

1. Understand the spray gun

The spray gun is the key equipment of the spray paint process system. Although different spray guns have many common parts, each type or model of spray gun is only suitable for a certain range of operations. Choosing the right tool guarantees the completion of high-quality work in the shortest time. The spray gun is composed of a gun body and a spray gun nozzle. The gun body is divided into air valve, paint flow control valve, mist control valve (namely, paint mist fan angle adjustment) valve, paint control valve, compressed air intake valve, trigger, handle, etc. The spray gun nozzle consists of an air cap, a paint nozzle and a thimble.

There are many types of spray guns with different uses. According to the paint supply method, there are mainly three types: gravity spray gun, siphon spray gun and best pressure feed spray gun. At present, gravity spray guns and siphon spray guns are more commonly used in auto repair shops. The siphon spray gun is very popular among painters because of its convenient operation.

2. Reasons for the popularity of siphon spray guns

The main reason why the air siphon spray gun is popular is that the siphon spray gun can be operated continuously when spraying a large area to improve the construction efficiency. The siphon spray gun can be adjusted through a mist valve, gradually adjusting from a circular shape to a fan shape, and the spray section can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 360°. When the air hole on the side of the nozzle is in a horizontal position with the main air hole, the airflow from the left and right side air holes compresses the paint mist sprayed from the main air hole into a vertical fan-shaped paint mist shape, which can be used for spraying horizontal movement of side objects. When the air hole on the side of the nozzle is vertical to the main air hole, the siphon spray gun sprays paint mist from the center hole into a horizontal fan-shaped paint mist, which can be used to spray the side objects vertically up and down.

Some auto beauty repair shops are sometimes equipped with equipment such as large flow and low pressure spraying, airless spraying, electrostatic spraying, air-assisted airless electrostatic spraying, and airless electrostatic spraying. Among them, large flow and low pressure spraying-HVLP air spray gun represents the main direction of today's coating industry.

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