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Pneumatic Spray Gun Use and Maintenance Methods

Pneumatic Spray Gun Use and Maintenance Methods

The spray gun is a kind of equipment which uses the rapid release of liquid or compressed air as the power. As the most widely used and simple efficiency equipment in modern spraying process, pneumatic spray gun is an indispensable equipment in the whole spraying industry. If you want to play the best function of the spray gun, it’s not enough to just master the operation essentials, and you should also pay attention to the usual maintenance, so how to maintain the pneumatic spray gun? What are the maintenance skills? 

Introduction to the use of pneumatic spray gun

1. The spraying distance between the spray gun nozzle and the surface to be coated should be 30-60 cm. If the spraying distance is too close, the coating will disperse poorly and pile up. If the spraying distance is too far, the coating will be too thin and thick, and the flying dust may adhere to the membrane surface.

2. The moving speed of the pneumatic spray gun should be 3-4 m/s. If it is too fast or too slow, uniform coating cannot be obtained. 

3. The operation of the spray gun shall be perpendicular to the surface to be coated, so it shall rely on arm action rather than wrist action when spraying, because arm action spraying can achieve the purpose of being equal and vertical, wrist action will produce arc action with wrist as the fulcrum, making spraying uneven. 

4. The spraying sequence is usually from left to right, then from right to left, from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top, until the whole spraying surface is finished. At the same time, when spraying, it is necessary to make the spraying surface of the latter stroke overlap the width of the spraying surface of the previous stroke by 1/3~1/2. In order to make the coating film uniform and dense without missing spraying, the spraying thickness is generally controlled by one Chinese character “十”, one and a half “十” or two “十”. Generally, one horizontal and one vertical line sprayed on the entire surface shall be a Chinese character “十”.

Sharing of spray gun maintenance methods

1. Check the sealing book of needle valve, gasket and air valve gasket frequently for leakage. If there is leakage, replace it in time. Oil the sealing gasket frequently to make it soft and easy to slide.

2. The pneumatic spray gun should not be disassembled at any time. Attention must be paid to that rectangular parts should not be filled with garbage and coating, air cap and nozzles must not be any damage, after assembly to adjust to the initial appearance, pull the trigger to test the effect of air and coating spraying.

3. The screw threads of the air cap of the gun, the adjustment knob for the amount of coating discharge and the adjustment knob for the air cap shall be oiled frequently to ensure flexible movement; The spray gun thimble and the spring of the air valve part shall also be coated with oil to prevent rust and facilitate sliding.

4. Before using the pneumatic spray gun, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out to ensure that the spray gun can be used only when it is in good condition.

5. The pneumatic spray gun shall not collide with the coated objects or fall to the ground during use, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and cannot be used.

6. During the suspension of work, the head of the pneumatic spray gun shall be immersed in the solvent to prevent the coating from drying and blocking the nozzle; However, the entire pneumatic spray gun shall not be completely immersed in the solvent, which will damage the sealing gasket of each part and cause air leakage and coating leakage.

7. The pneumatic spray gun shall be cleaned in time after use, otherwise the coating channel will be blocked (especially 2K coating), and it will be difficult to clean or even unable to use in the future. After cleaning the pneumatic spray gun, connect the coating pipe and compressed air tube for trial spraying, and adjust the fan surface of the pneumatic spray gun. The fan angle of the manual air spray gun is 70-80 degrees. If there is any problem, ask for repair service in time.

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