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The First Use of An Automatic Spray Gun

The First Use of An Automatic Spray Gun

For the first time, the automatic spray gun is often used to operate new tools. In a period of time when we use it, there will be a certain period to adapt the spray gun. Just like the newly purchased car, there will be a certain period of time for us to adapt to its different performance, and then we will drive more and more smoothly. What will happen to the new automatic spray gun?

1. A new automatic spray gun needs cleaning

When we buy a new batch of automatic spray gun, there is no need to rush to get the paint to spray the trial products. We should clean the inside of the spray guns, because there are some impurities in the new spray guns. Of course, we shouldn’t use clean water directly. We should wash it with thinner or the oily water. It is mainly because these are diluents when adjusting the paint concentration, so they are all feasible cleaning agents.

The main steps of cleaning are the same as that of spraying paint. Put thinner or the oily water in the paint bucket, with pneumatic diaphragm pump and supply it to the automatic spray gun. In this way, open the controller and spray it for about a few minutes.

2. Air pressure required for new automatic spray gun is not enough

When many customers take the spray gun back for testing, how can it not produce oil when it is turned on? It only produces gas. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the air pressure must not be enough. But the customer will say that the air pressure is enough. The air compressor comes out 0.6Mpa. Of course, if the air pressure is always this number, the spray gun can spray. Because the starting air pressure required by most automatic spray guns is 0.3-0.5mpa. So why is there no painting?

The main reason is that the gun needle is not opened, so the reason why it is not opened is the air pressure. To be precise, there is not enough water. We all know that the principle of pneumatic spray gun is to spray the liquid by compressed air atomization. Therefore, the speed of atomization and fan-shaped gas consumption is very large. When our gas storage tank is small, it cannot meet the normal operation of the spray gun at all times. Thus, there will be either no oil or stop after a while.

The solution is to change a larger size of air compressor or increase the size of the air tank, so that the air pressure and air volume of the air supply can be met normally, and the automatic spray gun can be used for spraying normally.

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