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What is the Difference between Hvlp and Airless Sprayers?

What is the Difference between Hvlp and Airless Sprayers?

In HVLP( "high capacity, low pressure"), the paint is atomized by the air extracted from the air compressor or turbine pump, while in airless sprayers,high pressure and tight extrusion cut the paint into particles, since the piston pressurizes the material from a orifice, which is smaller than the nozzle of HVLP.

The Differences Between HVLP and Airless Spraying Machine

When it comes to difference between hvlp and airless sprayer, airless sprayers are designed for large, relatively flat surfaces, such as walls, tanks, bins, and siding. By comparison, HVLP is suitable for exquisite finish and higher precision required by the contractor, such as handrail, door, cabinet work and window frame."HVLP can replace electric brush and airless sprayers the roller." He said. "They are actually complementary to each other."

The product transfer rate of airless sprayer is only 50%, while HVLP can reach at most 90%. But airless units are more powerful, while HVLP production,not the production of it, is high.

Unlike the airless sprayer,HVLP sprayer has a second control knob for adjusting the air flow, so that the user can better control the  of the fan. Due to its less overspray, HVLP is a good choice, when expensive coatings are used.

HVLP finish looks better. Compared with particles pushed by airless sprayer, the atomized particles of HVLP are smaller and more uniform. The difference does not matter when painting dry walls with latex wall paint. But when using HVLP to spray varnish or enamel paint, you can see a finer, smoother surface. Otherwise, the painter may "fight"with the terrible "orange surface", which is a mottled surface texture appearance, rather than a smooth surface.

HVLP is also very convenient for decoration. But airless sprayer units are better for mass work, such as the exterior walls of houses. The airless equipment will finish the loading and unloading of one can of paint at the rate of 0.5-2 gallons per minute, which is much quicker than HVLP,  which will do at the rate of 15 or 20 ounce per minute. Speed is a big factor.

Coarse grinding powder, such as flat or enamel emulsion paint, is not suitable for HVLP. They can be brushed, rolled or painted with airless units. The finer the grinding, the more favorable the paint is for spraying.

Turbine HVLP and HVLP connected to the air compressor vary in cost and performance. The turbine works in the opposite way to the vacuum cleaner and is lighter than the compressor model. In addition, their heated air can speed up the drying.It's much easier  to just install the turbine unit and plug in.

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