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How Do you Spray Paint a Car Step by Step?

How Do you Spray Paint a Car Step by Step?

The process flow of automobile paint is a relatively important link in the process of automobile painting. When we ensure the quality of automobile paint, we should also pay attention to the selection of automobile paint process.

The process of car painting

  1. Clean and dry the whole car.

   2. Find out the oil defects of the whole car shell, such as pits, dimples, wavy lines, peeling off, paint falling and rusty parts.

   3. The pit requires the sheet metal to be repaired and reshaped with a repair machine. If there are wheel corners, lines and arcs, they should be restored and treated, and then the paint can be applied.

   4. It is required to dismantle the obstructions before sheet metal construction.

   5. Stick and protect the plastic parts on the body with paper tape. Such as headlights, middle net, decorative strips, glass, etc.

   6. Use 60 × paper for the defective parts of the body or put 40 × dry paper on the grinding head of the dry mill, and grind the defective parts into feathery edges.

   7. Use a blowgun or wet towel to clean all the return routes.

   8. Use a scraper to scratch the sheet metal tools for the first time, and do not scratch too thick each time. Note: only the bare iron part needs to be scratched, and the bare iron part must be covered completely.

   9. When scraping and coating the atomic ash, every scraping and coating must be smooth, flat and not too thick. After scraping, bake it with infrared baking lamp. When baking, do not be too close. Keep a certain distance. After drying, polish it with water grinding and dry grinding. The terrazzo is polished with 60 × water paper and special base plate. Dry grinding is to use 40 × sandpaper of dry grinding disc to grind on the dry grinding head at a constant speed. The grinding must be done by hand. Straighten the hand, and repeatedly feel if there is any pit. If there is, a second scraping is necessary.

  10. Clean the water and dust on the body surface before the second time of scraping. The second scraping method is the same as above.

  11. It is very strict and critical when grinding with atomic ash. To achieve the desired effect, close cooperation between eyes and hands is needed.

  12. After all the defects of the car body are filled with atomic ash, carry out strict inspection to ensure that the car body is exactly the same as the original car body before spraying the primer. If any part fails to meet the requirements, the primer cannot be applied. The primer can only be applied after meeting the requirements.

  13. When spraying the primer, dry the water on the car body with a blow gun. If the water is not dried, the next step cannot be carried out. Note: water is most likely to accumulate on the body, especially at the sealing strip and anti friction strip. Check  carefully before construction to avoid quality problems.

  14. Stick and protect, after the previous step is strictly completed. The materials used for sticking and protecting are tape, newspaper and special cover paper. According to the present requirements, generally, 4S stores do not use newspapers, but use special masking paper for strict and standardized sticking and protection. In the process of sticking, the constructors must be careful. The primer construction can be carried out after the completion of sticking and protecting.

  15. Spraying primer is the base of spraying the surface, it is necessary to continuously practice shooting skills and techniques. Basic spraying skills: the spray gun must be perpendicular to the car body. When spraying primer, the air pressure should not be too high, generally 3-4pa. The gun shouldn’t move in an arc.

  16. After spraying the primer, clean the spray gun with banana water and diluent, and put it back to the original position.

  17. After the primer is sprayed, remove all the masking paper on the vehicle body. This kind of masking paper cannot be reused. After removal, it will be thrown to the designated place. It is not allowed to place it randomly, which will affect the image and operation of the workshop.

  18. The primer shall be dried with red infrared drying lamp and paint baking room, and polished after cooling.

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