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How Do you Mix Paint to Spray a Car?

How Do you Mix Paint to Spray a Car?

Many car repair shops can repaint your vehicle, but a large fee will be charged for this service. If you want to make a beautiful new look for your car, but you don't want to spend more money, then painting by yourself may be a good choice. This will require some knowledge of automotive spray paint gun and mixing methods. However, with the basic knowledge, this smooth new coating will not be too far away.

Get the right supplies

Buy a mixing bucket or cup. It's worth buying containers that are specifically designed to mix car paint. They not only tolerate the re-use of irritating chemicals better, but also have markings, which are valuable when measuring paint.

If you are looking for a quick and cheap option, choose a single-stage coating. Choosing the paint you are going to use is more than just choosing a pleasant color. Different kinds of coatings can accomplish different tasks. The single-stage coating is a coating that can be used independently without additional primer or finishing layer. A good comparison is nail polish. You can apply as many layers as you want, and you don't need any other layers.

It is recommended that a single coating be used for basic colors such as red, blue or yellow. They dry to a smooth surface and are easy to prepare, so they are perfect for novice artists. But please note that these are rarely used to smear the whole car.

If you want more lasting effect, please choose a two-stage painting method. Two-stage or primer/ clearcoat coating will involve at least two coats (one primer, one clearcoat). The primer provides color, while the clear coat provides additional protection against scratches.

The two-stage method tends to produce more metallic luster. If this, as well as better protection, attracts you, then choose a composite coat.

Mix single stage coating

Collect your paint and other required materials. Single stage coatings usually require a mixture of three basic substances. The paint itself will determine the color of the mixture. "Retarding agent" or "diluent" is used to dilute the coating to avoid solid lumps or "orange peel" in the coating.

Hardener will help your paint dry and easy to finish. Pour your material into a mixing container. The technical information of the coating will inform you of the proportion of materials you need, with a series of three numbers. For example, the standard mix ratio for single-stage coatings is 8 / 1 / 1 mixture. That is to say, for every 8 parts of the coating, add one diluent and one hardener.

If you are using a china paint gun cup, there will be a score corresponding to this ratio. Therefore, you can paint the cup to leve' 8'and use diluent to reach'9' and then use hardener to top it to ' 10'. Mix the paint evenly. Paint sticks can be purchased from any shop, any solid wood or old tools will be enough to mix the mixture. Complete thoroughly to create the appropriate consistency. No matter what you use to mix the paint, it will be damaged, so choose something you can't miss. Test paint with spray gun. Add a small amount of paint to the spray gun and leave a disposable surface to test the suitability of the new mixed paint. If the paint does not flow well from the spray gun, add more thinner to increase the flow. If you spray the surface and see that the paint is running, or there is a problem with drying, it indicates that more curing agent is needed.

Mix two-stage coating

Collect different paints and other materials. Primer coating and transparent coating shall be matched with other substances. The primer coating will be paired with a reducer or diluent to ensure best optimum viscosity. Clear coat paint must be used in combination with hardener before it is applied to the car surface. Mix your materials in a mixing container. Please read through the technical information you purchased earlier to determine the proportion of each coating. The ratio of primer coating to reducing agent is always 1/1. Therefore, your container, preferably a mixing bucket, should be semi coated and semi diluent. The clear coat coating will be a little more complicated. Depending on the brand, the ratio of transparent coating to curing agent is usually 4 / 1 or 2 / 1. Mix your compounds thoroughly. Use a paint stick or similar tool and stir the contents until they look smooth. Don't worry about the first complete correct consistency, you will have the opportunity to test the texture before painting the car and further mix if necessary.

Spray the test coating on a safe surface. Put small samples of the two coat layers into the spray gun and apply on the optional items. Wood or old equipment is best. The viscosity of the primer should be checked as this contributes the most to the colour of the vehicle. Although the transparent coating is colorless, it will produce a coveted luster. Both should flow smoothly from the gun.

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