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What are the Types of Spray Guns?

What are the Types of Spray Guns?

1. Classification by basic use

(1) Make-up spray gun
Spray gun make-up is a very popular technology of make-up, mainly using the spray gun to make-up and a small spray gun through a certain air flow to make the cosmetics more extreme attached to the skin, so as to create a uniform and bright feeling.
(2) Paint spray gun
The pressure spray gun coating is mainly supplied by another booster tank. This advantage is increasing the pressure of the booster tank, facilitating the supply of coating to several spray guns at the same time, which is more convenient and practical. The pressure difference generated at the nozzle of the spray gun will push the paint out of the tank, thus atomizing to form certain particles for spraying, and the coating can be more closely attached to the surface of the object to be coated.
What are the types of spray guns? Different types have different functions!

2. Classification by ways of coating supply mode

(1) Gravity spray gun
The coating tank of this kind of spray gun is located at the upper part of the spray gun. The negative pressure principle is used to mix and atomize the coating and air to adhere to the surface of the coated object.
(2) Suction spray gun
The coating tank of this kind of spray gun is located at the lower part of the spray gun, and the spray nozzle of the coating generally protrudes forward more than the central hole of the air cap, so compressed air is required to make it spray out from the spray nozzle around. Let it form a certain negative pressure in the front end of the coating nozzle to suck the coating out of the coating tank and atomize it.
(3) Pressure spray gun
This kind of paint spray gun is mainly used for painting. After spraying the air cap at the front of the spray gun under pressure, a low pressure area is formed, which is lower than atmospheric pressure. 

3. Classification by ways of work

(1) Conventional air spray gun
This kind of traditional air spraying can bring the best atomization effect, so many people still like to use this kind of spray gun, especially the adjustment of the spray gun can be very flexible.
(2) Airless spray gun
This kind of spray gun is widely used in the spraying of metal, wood plastic, ceramics and other substrate surfaces because of its advantages of non-rebound coating and high coating efficiency.

(3) LVMP spray gun
The advantages of HVLP spray gun are better atomization effect, faster transmission efficiency and less air consumption than the ordinary spray gun.
(4) Air-assisted airless spray gun
In a certain field, air-assisted airless spraying technology is more and more popular. It can form a thicker film, and the spraying effect is excellent. Compared with traditional air spraying, it can save 30% coating and has lower overspray, less atomization effect.

These are the different types of spray guns. According to our different needs, different working methods, coating supply methods and basic uses, we can choose the right spray guns, so that our work can be promoted and get twice the result with half the effort.

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