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How to Choose an Auto Patching Tool - Auto Spray Gun

How to Choose an Auto Patching Tool - Auto Spray Gun

As a good automobile patching spray gun, whether it is a finishing coat gun or a primer gun, the following three points should be considered: first, atomization effect; second, durability; third, cost performance. According to the business research from TOOL-BAR for many years, most users usually consider the price first and then the atomization effect when choosing the spray gun. However, few people can really realize the durability of the spray gun or take into account all the three factors.

1. The choice of atomization effect

A high quality spray gun usually has uniform atomization, stable paint flow and high paint utilization coefficient. On the one hand, the atomization effect of the spray gun is related to its internal channel design and the aperture accuracy of the nozzle and air cap, on the other hand, it is also related to the working pressure. Experienced operators know that the atomization effect of brand spray guns is usually better than that of inferior brand spray guns, and that of high pressure gun is better than that of low pressure spray gun. The reason is that the production process and equipment of brand guns are more advanced, the precision is higher, and the quality inspection is stricter. Because of the high working pressure, high air consumption and low paint utilization, the atomization of high pressure spray gun is quite good.

2. The choice of durability

The durability of the spray gun mainly depends on the material used. A good spray gun material has the properties of enough compression resistance and light weight, as well as high-quality external protective layer and internal parts. Many inferior band and low-cost spray guns have good spraying effect at the beginning, but after one or several months of use, the aperture of the nozzle or air cap becomes larger, or the gun needle is worn and can not be used any more, which means that the material performance will be insufficient; there are also some spray guns whose surface coating will fall off after contacting with thinner for several times, which not only affects the visual effect but also the hand feeling. This problem is related to the poor surface material or low electroplating process standard .

3.  The choice of cost performance

Generally, the price of a good-quality spray gun is relatively high, but our choice must be cost-effective enough. It is the primary step of choosing products to investigate the product quality and the manufacturer, such as its business history, market share and service network.

In conclusion, to select the highest cost-effective product, it's better to consider the above three factors. It's unnecessiry to choose the most famous or the most expensive products, since some quality potential brands are better.


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