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Auto Spray Gun's Spray Coating Performance and Remote Debugging, Flow Control Analysis

Auto Spray Gun's Spray Coating Performance and Remote Debugging, Flow Control Analysis

We often feel that the effect of auto spray guns in daily spraying operations cannot meet our expectations, but we do not know how to make auto spray guns spray in good condition. To help you better understand auto spray guns, today we will talk about the factors that contribute to the good working condition of auto spray guns.

How to achieve good spraying performance with auto spray guns?

  • Good air pressure is needed to achieve fine atomization;

  • Good pipeline connection is required to allocate the appropriate amount and pressure of both switch and atomizing air;

  • A good oil supply system is needed to ensure stable and uniform atomization.

Only when these conditions are met, can auto spray guns achieve good spraying and atomization effects.

How to achieve non-repetitive spraying of ultra-wide products with auto spray guns?

When considering equipment costs, we sometimes have to choose a simpler spraying method to solve some special spraying problems. Generally, the maximum width of an auto spray gun is only about 300mm. However, if we need to spray a relatively wide area, we can achieve the desired width by overlapping the spray gun in a staggered manner, thus reducing the cost of purchasing a reciprocating machine.

How to achieve remote debugging and flow control of universal auto spray guns?

Most of the auto painting lines have remote control, but not all parts are remotely controlled. Although it is not necessary to remotely control all parts, some special cases require it.

The structure of auto spray guns for sale usually consists of a switch system, an atomization system, and an oil supply system to achieve an automated spraying system. Typically, manual adjustment is needed for the paint flow adjustment knob and the atomization width pressure adjustment knob, which require manual operation. However, in special circumstances where the operator is unable to directly touch the auto spray gun, remote control technology is needed.

  • A pressure regulating valve can be added to the atomizing air pressure control line to adjust the atomization width.

  • Flow control requires oil supply system control. When installing auto spray guns, adjust the flow control knob to a slightly larger, appropriate position, and then adjust the oil supply system control knob to control the flow.

Above is a simple solution for fully remote controlling universal auto spray guns, which is also the principle used in the design and control of most auto spray guns.

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