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Precautions and Correct Use of the Paint Spray Gun

Precautions and Correct Use of the Paint Spray Gun

Paint spray guns can be used for spray painting of various products such as furniture, automobiles, doors and windows, mechanical equipment, etc. When we use paint spray guns, we must pay attention to the following situations, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also protect our paint spray guns, prolong its service life.

Ⅰ. You must pay attention to these when using a paint spray gun

1. Never immerse the paint spray gun in a solvent (use a neutral cleaning solution to clean the spray gun, pay attention to the pH value of the cleaning solution between 6 and 8);

2. Please clean the automatic spray gun in time after each use;

3. Use original tools to clean the spray gun;

4. After cleaning the spray gun, please dry it thoroughly;

5. After using or cleaning the spray gun, please place it on a suitable spray gun hanger;

6. Please use original tools to install and disassemble paint spray gun accessories;

7. Install and disassemble the three-piece nozzle set according to the correct steps;

8. Do not use damaged nozzles;

9. Regularly check or replace the sealing ring of the automatic industrial paint spray gun;

10. Adjust the spray amplitude adjustment knob with appropriate strength;

11. Use clean compressed air;

12. Adjust the correct air pressure according to the spray gun factory's suggestion;

13. Use the spray pattern quality monitoring kit, regularly check the state of the spray gun, and do a test spray pattern before painting.

Ⅱ. Correct use of the paint spray gun

A paint spray gun is a specialized tool for paint spraying. Its main principle is to use an air pump to turn the gas into high pressure and spray it out together with the paint, so that the paint becomes a fan, and the gas is sprayed onto the surface of the equipment or steel to form a flat paint film.

1. Pour the paint: After fully stirring and shaking the paint to be sprayed, pour it into the paint cup under the paint spray gun, try to pour all the paint into the paint cup, and then seal the paint bucket and paint spray gun to prevent the paint from volatilizing .

2. Spraying: When spraying, keep the paint spray gun about 20 cm away from the object to be sprayed, and press the trigger. Before the official spraying, it is necessary to test whether the sprayed effect is good or not, whether the marks are even, and the newly sprayed paint should be wet. When spraying, the spray should be perpendicular to the surface of the object, and the action should be moved quickly and evenly, in order to ensure uniform spraying.

3. Cleaning: After each spray painting, the paint cup under the spray paint should be cleaned. The entire spray slurry should be removed for cleaning. Press the spray paint trigger to let the paint in the paint spray gun flow back into the paint cup to complete the entire spray gun. cleaning.

4. Maintenance: After each spraying and cleaning, it is also necessary to maintain the paint spray gun, such as adding a little lubricating oil on it, so that the spray gun can be lubricated at any time and can work at any time.

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