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Can Water Based Paint Be Used In Spraying Process By Best Auto Paint Gun?

Can Water Based Paint Be Used In Spraying Process By Best Auto Paint Gun?

Water based paint is harmless to human body, and is environmentally-friendly to nature. The paint film is rich, crystal clear, flexible and has the characteristics of water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying, easy to use, etc. The use of water as solvent saves a lot of resources, eliminates the risk of fire during construction, reduces atmospheric pollution, and uses only a small amount of low-toxicity alcohol-ether organic solvents, which improves the operating environment conditions.

The general organic solvents of water based paint is between 5%-15%, while cathodic electrophoresis coating paint has been reduced to less than 1.2%, which has a significant effect on reducing pollution and saving resources. Water based paint can be applied directly on wet surfaces and in humid environments. They have good adaptability and strong coating adhesion to material surfaces. The coating tools can be cleaned with water, which greatly reduces the consumption of cleaning solvents and effectively reduces the harm to the construction personnel.

Water based paint is available with best auto paint gun, whether spraying oil based paint or water based paint is not directly related. The main reason for choosing best auto paint gun is that it does not require manual spraying, and the spray gun is operated automatically through the control cabinet. It is generally suitable for auto painting lines or robots. So the best auto paint gun only requires workers to adjust the functional aspects.

But we need to pay attention to is that try not to use the same paint spray gun with water based paint and oil based paint. Because sprayed oil based paint spray gun is difficult to wash and clean. However, a little bit of oil based paint or thinner can destroy the surface effect of water based paint, resulting in shrinkage, whitening and other undesirable phenomena. 

There are three points of choosing best auto paint sprayer with water based paint.

1.Water based paint on the metal has a certain degree of corrosion. 

The requirements of core components material and design structure about choosing auto spray gun is very high, to ensure that the auto spray gun’s long service life and stable performance.

2.Water based paint has great coverage performance. It need good atomization effect and uniform spray width of the auto spray gun to reflect.

3.Water based paint prices are relatively high, only water based paint spray gun in line with VOC regulations can save costs and avoid deviating from the original intention of environmental requirements. 

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