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Can the HVLP Spray Machine Be Applied to Car Painting

Can the HVLP Spray Machine Be Applied to Car Painting

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) air spray gun is a new type of spray gun with large flow and low pressure. Its main features are as follows: high painting rate, low cost of paint and less pollution. The painting rate of HVLP spray is 2-3 times of that of air spray. The painting rate of common air spray gun is 30%, wasting 0.7L  per liter paint due to flying paint, while that of HVLP spray is 60%, wasting less than 0.4L per liter paint, which helps to reduce the cost of coating and pollution, and improves the environment of the workplace and product quality. The fan surface is even, so it is very easy to get the effect close to the mirror surface when applied to the surface construction of what usually requires high-level decoration, such as the limousines. It is especially suitable for spraying metallic flash paint with obvious, uniform flash effect and good side view effect.

The compressed air pressure is low. Generally, the air pressure measured at the nozzle should not exceed 0.07MPa. With rotary air cap, each gun can be equipped with different air cap, nozzle and thimble to meet the requirements of different occasions. Due to the high painting rate of HVLP system, the nozzle with smaller aperture can be used. HVLP spray gun can be equipped with a variety of air sources, which can be supplied by multiple spray guns in the center, or by a single spray gun independently.

The paint utilization rate of traditional air spray gun is about 30%, with great waste. It not only increases the economic cost, but also seriously pollutes the air and water environment, and damages the health of the construction workers because of the massive emission of VOC, benzene, formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances. For the operation that often needs to change the construction point, the air compressor used in the traditional air spraying is large in volume and heavy in weight, and the transportation of equipment will also cause many inconveniences.

HVLP spraying machine can greatly reduce flying mist and rebound (over spraying), reduce paint and solvent emissions, and greatly improve paint utilization. At the same time, it can keep the working environment clean and the construction personnel healthy. In addition, the electric best HVLP spray gun for cars without bulky air compressor is easy to carry and move, making it convenient to change the construction site frequently.

HVLP spray gun can reduce painting work

One of the biggest benefits of HVLP spray gun is that it can reduce the pain of painting. This is large because they have less "overspray", a phenomenon in which excess paint accumulates on and around the sprayed surface. The HVLP spray gun is applied in a way that avoids the accumulation of this excess coating on the surface.

As a side benefit, reducing overspray means that car paint professionals will need to spend less time to reduce overspray. This process sometimes involves the use of solvents and special tools to remove excess solvents. It takes time and a lot of care.

Saving money on supply and labor is a big advantage of HVLP spray gun. Due to these two reasons, we hope that you use this kind of nozzle in your car painting business.

HVLP spray gun provides better transfer efficiency during car painting

HVLP spray gun not only can better finish the work of painting different car surfaces, but also has better "transfer efficiency". The term refers to the amount of paint sprayed from the spray gun and then stuck to the car surface. The high-pressure delivery system will cause the paint to bounce back from the car, while HVLP spray gun has not so many problems. This difference may be as high as 65% of the transfer efficiency of HVLP and 25% of the transfer efficiency of high-pressure gun.

HVLP spray gun will spray less paint into the air, which is more beneficial to your health

When using all kinds of spray guns in automobile spray painting industry, a fine drop of paint will be released, and inhalation of this kind of paint is very harmful to people's health. That's why car paint professionals wear breathing systems when they work on cars. And paint residue in the air means safety is still a concern even after work is done.

Compared with the high pressure spray gun, the HVLP spray gun sprays less paint into the air, which not only reduces the amount of paint that the face mask needs to clean, but also reduces the amount of paint left behind. In general, this is a great advantage for you and an important reason to use HVLP spray gun. When using HVLP spray guns, keep painting in a well ventilated area and use the respiratory system.

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