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Reasons for the Failure of Automatic Spray Gun in Use

Reasons for the Failure of Automatic Spray Gun in Use

People who understand the auto spray gun should know that the nozzle is the main part of the automatic spray gun. If the nozzle fails, it will greatly affect the use effect. Now we shall see the reasons for the failure of the automatic spray gun in use.

1. Erosion

When the liquid with high speed flow passes through the metal surface of the nozzle hole, it will corrode the nozzle hole, causing the decrease of nozzle pressure and irregular spray state. The probability of nozzle erosion depends on the hardness of the liquid as well as the type and amount of chemical materials used in the spray pressure. In addition, the particle impurities in the liquid will also make the nozzle seriously eroded.

2. Accidental damage

If the auto spray gun is not operated according to the requirements, it is easy to cause accidental damage to the spray gun, which will affect the use performance to a large extent.

3. Corrosion

It is necessary to match paint spray gun with the paint in use, but any kind of paint used contains a certain chemical composition, which will cause corrosion. The corrosion will also cause damage to the spray gun to a large extent, and the performance will be greatly reduced.

Now, do you have a certain understanding of the reasons for the damage of automatic spray gun? While using auto spray gun, you need to take correct measures to prevent it, and for the nozzle that has been seriously damaged, it should be replaced in time, otherwise other problems will occur.

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