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Adjustment Skills, Operation and Atomization Adjustment Analysis of Automatic Spray Gun

Adjustment Skills, Operation and Atomization Adjustment Analysis of Automatic Spray Gun

Ⅰ. Several ingenious adjustment skills and operation methods of auto spray gun

Compared with the common auto spray gun, the more high-end high-atomization automatic spray gun has a slightly different operation and use method. Therefore, its adjustment methods and operating skills will be more.

1. First of all, for example, the general-purpose WA-101 has only two air inlets, CYL and CAP. However, high-atomizing high-end spray guns generally add a FAN air intake. So its air intake has three holes: CYL, CAP and FAN. Therefore, when adjusting, there will be one more choice, so that there can be more changes suitable for spraying of different materials and different situations.

2. Secondly, we must first understand the sub-working of its air intake;

(1) CLY: Controlling the gun switch is to control the opening and closing of the pin.

(2) CAP: Control center atomization (circular atomization).

(3) FAN: Controlling the corner atomization is what we often call fan-shaped atomization control.

3. Finally, show its adjustment skills and operation methods;

(1) The conventional spraying is of course that all three air pipes are connected to the air intake, and the fan-shaped area can be freely adjusted, that is, the width of the spraying. product.

(2) When we encounter small objects or circular atomization spraying lines, we should turn off the atomization pressure of the FAN corners, so that the sprayed effect is a circular atomization effect. Good flow and air pressure can produce good effects as well.

Ⅱ. How should the spray gun be adjusted to produce a good atomization?

The effect of air pressure and paint flow of spray gun shall be well controlled as well as the air pressure when adjusting.

Starting from the top area, the first knob is to adjust the width of the atomization, the second larger knob is to adjust the oil output, and there is a knob at the end that is the same size as the first knob to adjust the air pressure. All knobs are tightened clockwise to decrease, and unscrewed to increase.

1. Two main adjustments

(1) Air pressure

Manual spray guns have two air pressure adjustment knobs:

· Total air pressure adjustment knob: Use it to adjust the overall air pressure of the spray gun.

· Spray width adjustment knob: adjust the size of the spray fan.

(2) The larger adjustment knob on the paint flow spray gun can adjust the spit amount of paint or paint.

2. Adjust according to the air pressure and paint flow

The adjustment and atomization of the spray gun conforms to a principle. The greater the flow rate, the greater the adjustment of the air pressure. This is a proportional relationship. When adjusting the atomization, the sprayer can first adjust the air pressure and flow rate with water. Then spray with paint when spraying the product with petty adjustment.

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