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Tips Of Using Hvlp Automotive Spray Gun

Tips Of Using Hvlp Automotive Spray Gun

Tuning the gun

Before spraying, HVLP automotive spray gun and related equipment should be clean and in proper working condition to check that the gun produces the desired spray shape. The ideal spray shape should be symmetrical, with uniform atomized particle size distribution and clear edges, with only a small amount of paint mist present outside the edges of the spray shape. Low atomization air pressure helps produce a correct, uniform spray shape and reduces bounce and overspray.

Holding the gun

The correct trajectory of spraying is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. When spraying, the distance between the gun and the sprayed surface is generally 15~30cm according to the angle of the coated surface, and the distance can be closer to get a wetter, darker and thicker coating, and farther to get a drier, lighter and thinner coating.

Gun Walking

The gun walk includes the angle of the gun to the coated surface and the running speed of the gun. The gun should be kept running at right angles to the surface of the object to be coated, parallel. The speed of the gun movement is generally adjusted between 30 and 60 cm/s and is required to be constant. If the gun is tilted and running in a circular arc or variable speed of movement, you will not get a uniform thickness of the film, and easy to produce streaks and spots; gun running speed is too slow (30cm / s or less), it is easy to produce flow hanging. Adjacent spraying stroke should be a lap amount, that is, the overlap rate, the overlap rate should reach 50%-60%. Too fast or lap not much, it is not easy to get smooth paint film. When the uniformity of the thickness of the paint layer requirements should be high cross spraying method, and then do the horizontal direction of spraying.

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