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What Are the Factors That Affect the Color Difference of Car Painting?

What Are the Factors That Affect the Color Difference of Car Painting?

1. The influence of humidity and temperature in car painting

The temperature and humidity of the spraying environment are different, which has a great impact on the color difference of the topcoat. This is because the temperature and humidity of the environment affect the evaporation speed of the paint solvent. The solvent evaporates quickly at high temperature, and the solvent evaporates slowly at low temperature, which affects the car paint film. The surface drying time.

If the humidity is high, the solvent evaporates slowly, and the solvent evaporates quickly when the humidity is low, which will also affect the surface drying time of the car paint film, resulting in color difference in the paint film.

2. The influence of the paint temperature after the car is painted

The difference in drying temperature has a certain effect on the color difference of the paint film. Because the drying process is a physical and chemical process from quantitative change to sudden change, the drying temperature and the length of time have a greater impact on the process of physical and chemical changes. The temperature is low, the cross-linking reaction proceeds slowly, and the temperature is lower than the specified value. The car paint film painted by auto paint spray gun cannot be completely dried, which affects the function of the paint film.

The high drying temperature of car paint film can speed up the process of cross-linking reaction, but because the paint film dries too fast and affects the leveling effect, the paint film will be rough. If the drying temperature is too high and exceeds the specified drying temperature, over-baking will occur and the paint film will turn yellow, which will affect the color difference.

3. The influence of the air pressure of car painting

The difference of compressed air pressure has a great influence on the color difference of car paint film. This is because the size of the air pressure will affect the roughness of the paint atomized particles. The smaller the compressed air pressure, the worse the atomization effect. The larger the paint atomized particles, the paint film sprayed on the car will not be smooth and briht. 

If the compressed air pressure is high, even though the particles of the paint mist formed are finer, the paint mist will fly everywhere, which not only affects the quality of the car paint film, but also affects the paint rate, and also affects the color difference.

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