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What Will Cause the Paint Spray Gun to Leak Oil?

What Will Cause the Paint Spray Gun to Leak Oil?

Customers often complain that their newly purchased paint spray guns leak oil. What is the reason for this? Is it because of the poor quality of the spray gun or is it because of improper use? Or are there other reasons? Let's take a look at the common situations where spray guns leak oil.

We'll focus on manual spray guns for our discussion. Manual spray guns generally have three ways of supplying oil: the top pot (gravity feed), the bottom pot (suction feed), and no pot (pressure feed). Among them, suction feed does not have oil leakage, mainly pressure feed and gravity feed.

Gravity feed spray gun leaks oil

The common problem is that the needle nozzle kit is of poor quality. Because the gravity feed is not an easy way to leak oil, it only relies on gravity to supply the spray gun. Its pressure generally does not leak oil when the spray gun is not open, unless there is a quality problem as mentioned above. The main cause of oil leakage is when the paint spray gun is blocked, which causes the needle to not return to its original position and results in paint leakage.

However, this type of problem occurs more frequently in small-caliber spray guns, as small-caliber spray guns are more prone to blockage, such as 0.3MM, 0.5MM caliber. Even if the oil leaks due to blockage, we only need to clean the needle nozzle kit in the spray gun. Therefore, oil leakage in this type of oil supply method is rare.

Pressure feed spray gun leaks oil

Pressure feed spray guns are generally supplied with oil through pneumatic diaphragm pumps and pressure pots. Its main causes of oil leakage are also the quality problem, blockage problem, and the use of too high oil pressure during the usage process.

If the oil pressure is too high during use, oil leakage will occur, unless the needle nozzle kit is imported or of good quality. In this case, if oil leaks occur, we can only replace the needle nozzle kit.

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