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Features And Applications of Mini Air Spray Gun

Features And Applications of Mini Air Spray Gun

1. The atomization principle of the mini air spray gun

Mini air spray guns generally use compressed air pressure of 0.3Mpa to 0.6Mpa to flow through the air nozzle of the spray gun at a high flow rate to form a partial vacuum around the nozzle. The paint is sucked into the vacuum space by the compressed air and the paint is atomized into subtle droplets, which is coated on the surface to form a continuous paint membrane.

2. Features and applications of mini air spray gun

Simple structure, convenient operation, changeable color and adjustable shape according to the geometry of the workpiece to be coated are main features. And the atomization effect is good. However, the paint mist of the air siphon spray gun is easy to rebound and scatter, thus polluting the operating environment and the paint utilization rate is only 15% to 30%. The paint of the mini air spray gun is mixed and contacted with compressed air, and the air source must be equipped with a dust, oil and water filter device to clean the compressed air to ensure the quality of the coating membrane.

The working pressure of the air source of the mini air spray gun is low, and it is difficult to atomize high-viscosity coatings. It is generally suitable for spraying decorative low-viscosity coatings. In today's coating industry, air spray guns are the most widely used, especially for products that require high film quality, such as high-end cars and high-end furniture where air spray guns or air electrostatic spraying are used.

The air siphon spray gun is a widely used air spray gun. The lower end of the air siphon

spray gun is equipped with a paint cup. The compressed air flows through the nozzle of the spray gun at high speed, and a partial vacuum is generated around it. The paint in the paint cup is sucked into the nozzle and atomized into paint mist. The capacity of the paint cup is usually 600mL-1000mL according to the amount of spraying and the air siphon spray gun can be sprayed with compressed air. The nozzle of the air siphon spray gun should not be vertically upward or downward to prevent the paint from leaking.

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