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What are the Aiding Technologies in Suction Paint Spray Gun?

What are the Aiding Technologies in Suction Paint Spray Gun?

Spray gun is a device that uses liquid or compressed air quickly released as power, usually for spraying, cleaning, such as water spray guns; or for spraying, surface treatment, such as paint spray guns. It is also divided into automatic spray guns or manual use distinguished by the installation on the machine as a manual spray gun.

Here are several aiding technologies in suction paint spray gun.

LVMP spray guns (medium pressure low flow guns) combine conventional air and HVLP in a spraying technology that uses low flow, medium pressure compressed air outside the air cap to atomize the paint. LVMP guns offer better atomization and higher transfer efficiency with less air consumption than conventional air and HVLP for car painting.

Air-assisted airless spray guns This technique uses a high paint pressure (usually below 70 bar) at the nozzle, supplemented by a small amount of atomized air for spraying. In the wood industry, compared with air siphon spray gun, air-assisted airless spraying technology has become increasingly popular in recent years.


Airless Spray Gun: Airless spraying is widely used for spraying metal, plastic, ceramic, wood and other substrate surfaces because of its high coating efficiency, no rebound of paint, and environmental protection. The paint can be paint, water-based paint, glue, oil, release agent, etc. Airless spraying means that the material is squeezed out of the nozzle by material pressure (high pressure) and then sprayed out in the shape of the nozzle. With airless spraying, paint particles are sprayed at a much higher speed than with conventional air guns.

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