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How to Choose the Atomization Method when Spraying Paint with Paint Spray Gun?

How to Choose the Atomization Method when Spraying Paint with Paint Spray Gun?

Wall, furniture, car paint are very common in our daily life. They all have a common feature that the paint on the walls and furniture surfaces will fall off after a long time and the car will encounter the phenomenon of paint body friction during driving. So we need to touch up the paint. The tool needed to touch up the paint is the paint spray gun. What are the atomization methods of the paint spray gun?

When choosing an atomization method for a paint spray gun, the following factors should be considered:

1. The type of paint spray gun coating

The type of used paint determines the fog pattern and how it should be fogged. Some coatings are suitable for external mixing, while some are suitable for internal mixing.

2. The air consumption of paint spray gun atomization

The air consumption of the selected air nozzle should be lower than the air supply of the air compressor. Only in this way can a sufficient supply of compressed air be ensured when the paint spray gun is atomized, otherwise the air supply cannot be satisfied.

Practical experience shows that for electric air compressors, every 1hp (745.7w) increase in power can generate 4ft3 (0.113m3) of compressed air with a pressure of 10001b/in2 (689.476kpa). The greater the air consumption of the air cap, the greater the spraying ability of the industrial paint spray gun and the faster the covering of the workpiece. The air consumption of various pneumatic equipment when the air pressure is 100psi (689476pa).

3. The air cap of the paint spray gun and the paint nozzle must be used together

Not all air caps can be used with any type of paint nozzle, so choose a nozzle that can be used together. The user can learn the correct nozzle collocation from the information provided by the equipment supplier. Each manufacturer of spraying equipment generally produces a variety of special paint nozzles and introduces the special air caps that can be matched with them in the data.

4. The atomization pressure of the paint spray gun

The atomizing air pressure of a high quality spray gun refers to the air pressure used in the atomizing spray gun. As the pneumatic pressure of the atomizing paint spray gun increases, the required air consumption will also increase. Generally, the data provided by the air tool manufacturer will indicate the air consumption when the atomization pressure is 207kpa, 345kpa and 483kpa.

Since the higher the atomization air pressure of the paint spray gun, the larger the air consumption and the larger the amount of paint being atomized, the air consumption of the air cap should be strongly matched with the air production of the air compressor. For air caps with small air consumption (air consumption), a small air compressor can be used. For nozzles with large air consumption with multiple nozzle holes, a high-power air compressor can be used.

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