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What Are The Advantages of HVLP Automotive Spray Gun?

What Are The Advantages of HVLP Automotive Spray Gun?

During car painting, many people will use HVLP automotive spray guns. HVLP automotive spray guns have some advantages and can allow companies to spray paint faster and are more cost-effective. So what are the advantages of HVLP automotive spray guns?

1. The HVLP automotive spray gun uses less paint

One of the biggest benefits of HVLP automotive spray guns is that they can use less paint. This is mainly because they have less "overspray", which is a phenomenon in which excess paint accumulates on and around the surface being sprayed. The spraying method of the HVLP automotive spray gun can avoid the accumulation of this extra paint on the surface. An additional benefit is to reduce overspray, which means that automotive paint professionals will spend less time cleaning the vehicle's overspray.

2. HVLP automotive spray gun performs better

HVLP automotive spray gun not only can better avoid spraying too much paint on the surface of the car, but also has better "transfer efficiency". This term refers to the amount of paint that is shot from the gun and then sticks to the surface of the car. The high-pressure delivery system will cause paint to bounce off the car, and hvlp spray gun for automotive do not have such problems.

3.HVLP automotive spray gun is safer

When various spray guns are used in the automotive painting industry, they will release a group of tiny paint droplets. Inhaling these droplets is very harmful to human health. Compared with the high-pressure gun, the HVLP automotive spray gun sprays less paint into the air, which not only reduces the paint that needs to be processed on the face mask, but also reduces the amount of residual paint afterwards. In general, this is a great advantage and you should use HVLP guns. Of course, the standard warning is still indispensable. When using the HVLP automotive spray gun, you should always spray in a well-ventilated area and protect your respiratory system.

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