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The Use and Skill of Paint Spray Gun in Paint Construction

The Use and Skill of Paint Spray Gun in Paint Construction

The paint construction also plays a decisive role in the final surface effect, anti-corrosion effect, and decorative effect, just like the quality of the paint itself. This article introduces the paint spray gun construction methods and skills in the air spraying method.

Ⅰ. Handling method and posture of paint spray gun

1. Hand

Do not hold the paint spray gun with a full hand. The ring finger and little finger gently hold the handle of the paint spray gun, the index and middle fingers hook the trigger, the handle of the gun is clamped between the thumb and index finger, the upper body should be relaxed, and the shoulders should sink to avoid tired wrists and shoulders.

2. Eyes

When spraying, the eyes should follow the quality spray gun, where the gun goes, where the eyes go, not only find the position of the spray gun, but also pay attention to the formation of the sprayed film and the drop point of the spray beam.

3. Body

The spray distance and vertical spray angle between the spray gun and the object surface are mainly guaranteed by the body. The movement of the spray gun also needs to use the body to assist the movement of the arm, not only the wrist, but the wrist must be flexible.

Ⅱ. Spraying method and construction procedure

There are two methods of paint spraying: vertical and horizontal alternating spraying and double spraying. Double spraying is also called the pressure gun method, which is a more common method used. The relevant spraying methods and construction procedures are now introduced as follows.

1. Pressure gun spraying

The spray beam sprayed by the spray gun is fan-shaped to the object surface. The center of the spray beam is closest to the object surface, and the edge is the farthest from the object surface. Therefore, the center has more coating spots than the edges, and the middle thickness of the coating film formed is thinner.

The pressure gun method is to press the coating sprayed by the latter gun to 1/2 of the sprayed coating of the previous gun to make the thickness of the coating uniform. And the thickness of two sprays can be obtained by spraying once.

2. The sequence and method of spraying paint using the pressure gun method

First spray longitudinally on both sides of the sprayed surface, and then spray horizontally from the upper left corner of the sprayed surface according to the spraying line. The spray center of the first spray path must be aligned with the edge on the upper side of the spray surface, and each spray path must overlap by half. Before spraying each spray path, aim the spray gun at the outside of the side edge of the spraying surface, move the spray gun slowly, and trigger the trigger before approaching the side edge (that is, trigger the trigger while the spray gun is moving). After reaching the end of the spray path, do not immediately loosen the trigger, wait for the spray gun mover to spray the edge of the other side of the trigger, and then relax the trigger (that is, relax the trigger before the spray gun stops moving).

Whether the auto spray gun or any kind of spray gun, it must walk in a straight line and cannot move in an arc. The nozzle must be perpendicular to the surface of the object, otherwise it will form a thick coating in the middle and thin on both sides or thick on one side and thin on the other.

The moving speed of the spray gun should be stable, about 10-12m per minute, and the length of each spraying is about 1.5m.

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