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Three Elements of Purchasing Auto-spray Gun

Three Elements of Purchasing Auto-spray Gun

Auto spray gun is a common hardware automatic tool, which is mainly used for spraying paint and coating, etc. Now there are many brands and models of auto spray gun in the market. We should pay attention to three main factors when purchasing auto spray gun.

I. Cost performance of auto spray gun

Investigating product quality and manufacturers and distributors is the primary link in purchasing products, such as its business history, market share and service network.

The quality of brand auto spray gun is generally reliable, but the brand effect often makes its price high. The price of domestic similar products is usually low, but its quality and after-sales service are often worrying. Therefore, pay attention to cost performance.

II. Atomization effect of auto spray gun

A good paint spray gun usually atomizes evenly, the paint flow is stable, and the paint utilization rate is high. On the one hand, the atomization effect of paint spray gun is related to its internal channel design and the aperture accuracy of nozzle and gas cap, on the other hand, it is also related to the working air pressure.

Experienced masters know that the atomization effect of brand auto spray gun is usually better than that of non brand gun, and the atomization effect of high-pressure spray gun is usually better than that of low pressure paint gun. The reason is that the production process and equipment of brand spray gun are more advanced, with higher precision and stricter quality inspection. Because of the high working pressure, the high-pressure spray gun atomizes well. However, the air consumption of it is large and the paint utilization rate is low.

III. Durability of auto spray gun

The durability of the paint spray gun mainly depends on the material it adopts. A good automotive primer spray gun material not only has sufficient compressive performance, but also has light weight, as well as high-quality external protective layer and internal parts.

Many miscellaneous low-cost spray guns have good spraying effect at the beginning. However, after one or several months of use, the nozzle or gas cap aperture becomes larger, or the gun needle is worn and can not be used anymore, that is, the performance of the materials used is insufficient; Also, the coating on the surface of the spray gun will fall off after contacting the paint several times, which will not only affect the vision but also affect the hand feeling. This is related to the poor surface material or the level of electroplating process.

ZEGO spray gun factory was founded in 2011 by Mr. Zheng Rifu, a talented engineer. It is a Chinese spray gun factory producing professional and industrial spray painting equipment and accessories. In just a few years, ZEGO has established a reputation in the paint industry with high-quality products.

Combined with its engineering driven culture, rich industry experience and manufacturing technology, ZEGO-Tool is the only spray gun company in the world that can provide a full range of high-quality spray guns. It has no O-ring design, which can be prolonged, durable and easy to clean. If interested, welcome to consult.

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