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Cleaning and Maintenance of the Paint Spray Gun

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Paint Spray Gun

The spray gun can be divided into different types according to different aspects. According to the delivery method of paint, it can be divided into press-down, press-up, and suction-up types; According to the position of the tank, it can be divided into upper pot and lower pot types; According to the nozzle, it can be divided into nozzle-to-nozzle type and flat nozzle type.

After the spray gun is used, certain maintenance needs to be carried out, so that it can be used for a longer time. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time after spraying paint, the paint spray gun may suffer some damage or the nozzle may be blocked. Therefore, the spray gun must be cleaned and maintained in time after each use. As long as you master some daily maintenance skills of the paint spray gun, its service life can be greatly increased.

1. Cleaning after spraying water-based paint

After spraying, you should pour the water-based paint back into the paint can as soon as possible, and then rinse the industrial paint gun with clean water. After pouring the paint out of the spray gun, add a little water to the paint cup, shake it thoroughly and spray it out from the nozzle. Wipe off the paint left on the surface of the paint spray gun, and then clean it. Turn the spray gun upside down in the sink and let the water flow out of the nozzle. Wipe or blow-dry the accessories after cleaning. If the paint cup has a lid, you can leave the remaining nitrocellulose paint or water-based paint in the paint cup without emptying the paint cup, just clean the paint spray gun.

2. Cleaning after spraying nitrocellulose paint

If you spray paint intermittently throughout the day, you don't have to clean the paint spray gun every time before finishing today's paint job. When you need to clean the spray gun, remove the compressed air hose and the paint cup, and then press the trigger to let the paint accumulated in the spray gun drip back into the paint cup. Then clean the paint spray gun as described above.

3. The daily maintenance rules of the spray gun

1). Check whether the needle valve gasket and the air valve sealing gasket are leaking. If there is any leakage, replace it in time. Oil should be applied to the gasket frequently to make it soft and easy to slide.

2). The bolts, the threads of the air caps, the paint adjusting bolts, and the air adjusting bolts should be oiled frequently to ensure flexible movement. The springs of the needle part and air valve part should also be lubricated to prevent rust and facilitate sliding.

3). When using, be careful not to let the spray gun collide with the coated object or fall on the ground, otherwise it will suffer from permanent damage and can no longer be used.

4). When disassembling the spray gun, it should be noted that there should be no rubbish and paint stuck to the rectangular parts. The air cap and nozzle should definitely not have any damage. After assembly, adjust the gun to the original form, that is to say, only air is sprayed when the gun is lightly pressed. And then press the gun to spray paint.

5). During the spraying process, the user can clean the gun head and the gun body with thinner and hairbrush at any time to ensure that the spray gun shows the metallic color.

6). After spraying is over and the pressure tank finishes its work, the user must clean the pressure tank with thinner to show its metallic color.

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