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Causes of Problems with Car Painting

Causes of Problems with Car Painting

1. The wrong thinner is used in the car painting. The use of volatile paint thinners in automobile spray paint will promote the arching of the internal paint layer, which will eventually lead to the arching of the topcoat layer.

2. The car paint uses incompatible materials. The newly sprayed paint layer of the automobile spray paint has a chemical reaction with the original paint layer, or the defects of the original paint layer are not properly treated, and the paint layer of the automobile spray paint is separated and the top paint layer is arched.

3. The bottom layer was not thoroughly cleaned when the car was sprayed. For example, the grease or wax on the surface of the bottom layer was not completely removed. Because of the interlayer effect, the re-sprayed paint could not adhere.

4. The interval time of the second spraying of automobile paint is too short, and sufficient drying time is not given to the bottom paint, which causes the solvent in the wet paint surface to corrode the middle paint primer or top paint to make it soft.

To change this phenomenon, remember to polish the defective area until it is smooth, but not through, and then paint the car by best auto paint spray gun again.

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