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The Technique of Automotive Spray Gun (3)

The Technique of Automotive Spray Gun (3)

8. The method of moving the spray gun on the long and upright component plane shooting technique. When spraying paint on it, it is also carried out from top to bottom, and then from left to right, along the horizontal route. Each stroke is 45~90cm, that is also mean to carried out in sections according to the length of the board. And the junction between each section has about 10cm length overlap.

9. The method of moving the spray gun on small cylindrical components. When spraying small cylindrical components, spray starting at the top of the cylinder from top to bottom and then from bottom to top in 3 to 6 vertical routes.

10. The method of moving the spray gun on large cylindrical components. When spraying large cylinders, spray from left to right and then from right to left in a horizontal way. And finish spraying in sequence.

11. The method of moving the spray gun on rod-shaped members. When spraying long rod-shaped members with a small diameter, it is best to narrow the mist to match it. However, in order to save trouble, many painters do not want to adjust the spray gun frequently, instead of adapting the spray gun mist beam position to the rod-shaped member, so that the purpose of complete coverage can be achieved without spraying.

12. The method of moving the spray gun on large horizontal surface. To spray large horizontal surfaces such as engine hoods, roofs, luggage compartment covers, etc., you can use the long and upright component moving method, that is, move the spray gun from left to right to the surface of the substrate, pull the trigger, and continue to move the spray gun until it leaves the base. Release the spray gun when the surface of the material is applied, so that a fully wetted layer can be obtained without overspray or dry spray at least.

When using the spray gun, it is best to use a best hvlp spray gun for cars. If you use a siphon spray gun, when you need to tilt the spray gun, be careful not to let the paint drip onto the surface of the component. In order to prevent the paint from leaking and dripping, the paint in the spray cup should not be too full. The entire operation should be smooth and coordinated. Wipe the leaked paint with a rag or tissue at any time.

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