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Precautions for Car Spraying with Paint Spray Gun

Precautions for Car Spraying with Paint Spray Gun

Car painting is a very technical job, especially for the selection and use of paint spray guns. There are many things that need to be paid attention to, and many people may not be familiar with it. Below, we give you a detailed introduction to the precautions for using paint spray guns to spray cars.

I. The configuration of paint spray gun

There are many models and classifications of paint spray guns. Although the naming methods of different equipment manufacturers are different, there are generally the following classification methods.

1. According to the nozzle type, the paint spray gun is divided into two types: the opposite nozzle type and the flat nozzle type.

2. According to the paint supply mode of the paint spray gun, it can be divided into three types: siphon, gravity, and pressure feed.

II. The choice of paint spray gun

1. Choose according to different construction objects of paint spray gun

For the paint spraying of ordinary passenger cars and trucks, environmentally friendly paint spray guns can be used to escort them, which are affordable and easy to maintain. For spraying operations that require high coating quality, it is even more important to choose to use a pneumatic environmentally friendly paint spray gun.

2. Choose large, medium and small spray guns according to the amount of maintenance and construction work of paint spray guns

The output of small paint spray gun is less than 100g per minute, the output of medium paint spray gun is about 180g per minute, and the output of large paint spray gun is more than 200g per minute.

3. Choose according to different spraying construction projects of paint spray guns

Generally speaking, large-caliber paint spray guns are used for spraying primers, medium-caliber paint spray guns are used for spraying intermediate coatings, and small-caliber paint spray guns are used for spraying topcoats.

4. Special paint spray guns for repairing can also be used in the special paint repair construction.

5. Configuration of auxiliary equipment for paint spray gun

In painting construction, only paint spray guns cannot work. It is also necessary to select suitable air compressors, air filters and air hoses according to the requirements and construction conditions of painting construction. Please refer to the different paint spray guns. Relevant instructions for specific configuration.

In short, when spraying a car, choose the appropriate car paint spray gun according to the actual situation, and the relevant configuration must be selected, otherwise it will affect the effect of the car spraying.

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