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The reason why the spray gun is not blocked but does not spray paint

The reason why the spray gun is not blocked but does not spray paint

We are often asked by friends that the spray gun is clearly not clogged, but there is no paint coming out. What is going on? There have been too many questions and answers, so we will sort it out for you, hoping to help you.

If the spray gun can't spray paint, we ruled out the cause of clogging of the spray gun, and then we need to divide the manual spray gun and the automatic spray gun.

I. Manual spray gun

This situation usually occurs with the lower pot (suction-up type) spray gun, and the upper pot (gravity type) and pressure-feed spray guns will not have this situation. The lower pot spray gun relies on the siphon of the spray gun to supply oil, so the reason for this is that the siphon effect is destroyed.

1. We need to observe whether the paint can is screwed or sealed well with the spray gun.

2. Whether the nozzle and nozzle of the gun have been disassembled, if necessary, reconfirm the tightening of the nozzle.

3. There is a spray gun tightly between the wrench and the spray gun head, and there are also leaks here. You can tighten the compression screw appropriately to see if the oil can be discharged, if it still does not work, you need to replace the compression kit.

II. Automatic spray gun

1. The condition of not using the pressure barrel and diaphragm pump to supply oil is basically the same as the manual spray gun above, just check and eliminate it according to the above method.

2. Most automatic spray guns still need diaphragm pumps or pressure barrels to supply oil. Therefore, we exclude from the following aspects:

(1) Whether the automatic spray gun has air supply, check whether each pressure regulating valve of the equipment supplies the automatic spray gun with air. If there is no natural spray gun, the paint will not be sprayed.

(2) There is air supply but the air pressure is insufficient to open the automatic spray gun, causing no oil to flow. Increase the air pressure or the size of the air tank to ensure the normal operation of the automatic spray gun.

(3) When it is determined that there is air supply and the industrial paint gun still does not output oil, check whether the solenoid valve on the control switch can work normally. If it does not work normally, you will find that CLY has not been opened at all, and naturally there will be no oil. Therefore, when checking, not only the automatic spray gun needs to be checked, but also the supporting equipment and the gas circuit and oil circuit need to be checked.

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