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There Are Different Spraying Requirements for Various Spray Guns

There Are Different Spraying Requirements for Various Spray Guns

There are many types of spray guns, and each type of spray gun has different spraying requirements. Below, let's take a look at it together!

1. Electric spray gun

Electrostatic spraying can be combined with air and air-mixed spraying, and the advantages of each are combined into a new spraying method.

When a DC high voltage is applied between the grounded workpiece and the spray gun, an electrostatic field will be generated. When the negatively charged paint particles are sprayed to the workpiece, they will be evenly deposited on the surface of the workpiece after collision with each other. Within the action range of the electrostatic field, electrostatic spraying has certain requirements on the viscosity and conductivity of the coating, not all coatings are suitable for electrostatic spraying, and the investment in equipment is also large.

2. Air spray gun

The paint utilization rate of this kind of equipment is low, and the paint transfer efficiency is only about 30%. The wavy spray often causes defects such as rebound and overspray. Not only wasted paint, but also caused considerable pollution to the environment.

Since the paint is in direct contact with the compressed air, the compressed air is required to be purified. Otherwise, the moisture and oil in the compressed air will be mixed into the paint, which will cause the paint to produce bubbles, whitening and loss of gloss.

3. High pressure airless spray gun

Using this kind of equipment can make the user more satisfied with the efficiency of the construction, because this kind of equipment can improve the adhesion of the paint and prolong the life of the coating.

High-pressure airless spraying adopts high-pressure spray atomization, so that the paint particles can obtain strong kinetic energy, and the paint particles can be shot into the gap of the workpiece by this kinetic energy, so that the coating is denser, the mechanical bite force with the workpiece is enhanced, and the adhesion force is improved. Effectively extend the life of the coating.

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