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The Maintenance of Spray Gun

The Maintenance of Spray Gun

1. Often check the needle valve and gasket, and check whether there is leakage at the seal of air valve gasket, if so, it should be replaced in a timely manner; Grease the seal gasket frequently to soften it and facilitate sliding.

2. The spray gun should not be disassembled at will. It must be noted that the rectangular parts should not be filled with garbage or paint and the air cap and nozzles must not be damaged. After assembly, it should be adjusted to the initial setting. Pull the trigger to test the spraying effect of the air and paint.

3. The thread of the air cap, the adjusting knob of paint spraying amount and the air adjusting knob should be often oiled to ensure flexible movement; the ejector pin of the spray gun and the spring of the air valve should also be coated with lubricating oil to prevent rust and facilitate sliding.

4. Before use, the spray gun should be fully inspected to ensure that it is in good condition.

5. The spray gun should not collide with the coated object or fall to the ground when it is in use, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and cannot be used anymore.

6. When working, the head of the spray gun should be immersed in the solvent to prevent the coating from drying and blocking the nozzle; however, the whole spray gun should not be completely immersed in the solvent, which will damage the sealing gasket of each part and cause air leakage and paint leakage.

7. After being used, the spray gun should be cleaned in time, otherwise the coating channel will be blocked (especially the 2K coating), which will be difficult to clean and even can not be used again. After cleaning the spray gun, connect the paint pipe and compressed air pipe for trial spraying, and adjust the fan-shaped spraying surface of the spray gun. The fan shape angle of the manual air spray gun is 70-80 degrees. If there is any problem, it should be reported for maintenance in time.

8. The most important thing in the maintenance of the spray gun is to clean it in time after use, which will help to prevent the occurrence of gun failure. At the same time, it is a basic skill for a painter to master the maintenance essentials of the spray gun, because it will affect the spraying effect and the service life of the spray gun.

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