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Introduction of Main Components of Auto Spray Gun

Introduction of Main Components of Auto Spray Gun

Ⅰ. Working principle of auto spray gun

The paint is placed in the tank, when the trigger is pulled, the compressed air enters the spray gun. When the airflow passes through the air cap nozzle, a partial vacuum is formed. The paint is sucked to the opened nozzle, and the mist sprayed out by the spray jet is clamped by the air pressure of the side nozzle. A fan-shaped mist jet is formed. If the manual spray gun moves slowly, the coating film on the surface of the object to be coated must be very thick, and it is easy to cause sagging. TType A, Type B, and C spray guns are mainly suitable for spray gun nozzle set with outer diameters of Φ18, Φ20, Φ21, Φ22.5, etc.; Type D spray guns are suitable for nozzles of Φ15, Φ16, Φ12.5 and other exterior scenes; Type E and F are suitable for horn nozzles; Type G is suitable for nozzles with outer diameters of Φ15, Φ16, Φ18, Φ20, etc.

Ⅱ. Functions of each part of auto spray gun

1. Air cap

The compressed air is introduced into the paint flow to atomize the paint liquid into a mist shape;

2. The center hole of the nozzle

Form a vacuum to suck out the paint;

3. The upper side hole of the nozzle

Use air pressure to control the shape of the mist;

4. Auxiliary holes on the nozzle gun

①Promote the atomization of paint; 

②Big and many holes: the atomization ability is strong; 

③Small and few holes, the spraying air is less, and the atomization ability is poor, which is convenient for spraying small workpieces into a low-speed jet;

5. Mode control button

When the control button is clicked, the fog is circular; the control button is turned on and the fog is circular;

6. Needle valve

Control the flow rate of liquid paint spraying. When spraying, it is controlled by the operation of the trigger. It is connected to the needle valve with a cap at the end to adjust the expansion and contraction of the needle valve. The adjustment of the auto spray gun is the most basic operation control;

7. Real thimble sleeve

For sealing;

8. Fluid control button

When the trigger is pulled, it controls the liquid flow. When it is fully closed, no liquid will flow out even if the trigger is squeezed. When it is fully open, the liquid flow is the largest at this time. This is one of the most important component to adjust

the automatic spray gun;

9. Trigger

The trigger is used to control the flow of air and paint. When the trigger is pulled, the air is opened first, and then the thimble can be driven to move, open the fast flow control valve, and make the paint spray out.

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