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How to Use Mastercraft Tire Inflation Gun?

How to Use Mastercraft Tire Inflation Gun?

Step Of Using Mastercraft Tire Inflation Gun

Tire inflation may seem very simple and is a regular tire maintenance project, but once the operation is wrong, it may cause accidents, and in serious cases, even threaten the lives of tire people. However, some times car owners will encounter such a situation: driving found that the tire pressure is not enough, there is no nearby auto repair store can be inflated, so you can consider using mastercraft spray gun,  then how to use mastercraft tire inflation gun? Here is several steps of using mastercraft paint gun.

Step 1

First of all, the owner needs to prepare a car inflator pump in the car. The selection of car inflatable pump is mainly based on the metal cylinder, copper movement to create a better, followed by the need to pay attention to its functionality, air needles, air nozzles, whether the preparation of a complete, sometimes may also need to prepare a longer inflatable air hose, in order to avoid the need for inflation in some special circumstances.

Step 2

After preparing the car inflator pump, we must first find out the maximum tire pressure value, and check whether there is a leak in the tire part. During the inflation process, be careful not to inflate too much, which will easily lead to excessive stretching of the tire cord and affect the service life of the tire. After the inflation is completed, the valve should be checked for air leaks.

Step 3

During the process of tire inflation, you should always check the air pressure with the air pressure gauge to avoid over-inflating the tires and making them burst.

Finally, car owners should develop the habit of checking tire pressure regularly, especially when facing high temperature weather. Too high or too low tire pressure is not conducive to car driving on hot roads, so car owners must check the tire pressure before traveling to avoid accidents. If you still don't understand, please see mastercraft tire inflation chart.

Tips Of Using Mastercraft Tire Inflation Gun

1. Inflation before the valve nozzle should be wiped clean of mud, dust, etc.. Inflation try not to loosen or take out the valve core, relying on increased air pressure to force inflation, in order to prevent air leakage caused by the valve nozzle screws off the buckle. After filling, should be dipped in water on the valve nozzle, check whether the air leakage, in order to tighten or replace the valve core as appropriate. After filling, should also be equipped with a tight valve cap to prevent mud and sand into the valve.

2. for tire inflation, the time should be selected in the stop after the tire completely cooled, do not just stop the car will rush to inflate. Because the vehicle is moving, the tires will be rolling friction heat, resulting in a rise in tire temperature, and make the tire pressure rise, affecting the accuracy of inflation.

3. Always observe the changes in air pressure table, in accordance with the standard value of tire pressure inflation.

Tire inflation standards

All tires have their corresponding inflation pressure. According to the standard air pressure inflation, the tire in the rated load work, the stress suffered by the tire body will not exceed the limit; such as not according to the standard air pressure inflation, it will seriously affect the life of the tire, or even cause accidents. Owners can find the standard value of tire pressure in the vehicle owner's manual or the driver's door that is near the B-pillar, gas tank cover and other places. The tire pressure standard refers to the tire pressure measured when the tire is cool.

Tires do not have to be filled with nitrogen.

Car tires can be filled with nitrogen, air, in fact, there is no special recommendations or requirements. In fact, the majority of the air is nitrogen. It is recommended that the air filled into the tire should be dry air, for ordinary vehicle tires filled with nitrogen and dry air effect is equivalent. The wind Jinba car pump K100 is a dual-cylinder dual-motor, anodized aluminum alloy cylinder, fast pumping speed, comes with a tire pressure gauge can not only detect tire pressure, but also in the tire pressure is not enough tire leakage, air deficit immediately inflatable, tire pressure is too high can also be appropriate pressure relief, air pressure can be replenished at any time and anywhere, to effectively maintain normal tire pressure.

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