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Tips on Selecting The Auto Spray Gun

Tips on Selecting The Auto Spray Gun

Auto paint spray gun is a common hardware automatic tool, mainly used for spraying paint, coating, etc. There are many brands and models of auto spray guns on the market. There are three main factors when we purchase auto spray guns.

1. Cost-effectiveness of auto spray gun

Multi-party inspections of product quality and manufacturers are primary in purchasing products, such as their operating history,

market share, and service network. Branded auto spray gun are generally reliable in quality, but their fame often makes their prices high. Therefore, we should figure out whether to put brand or cost as the top priority.

2. Atomization effect of auto spray gun

A good auto spray gun usually has uniform atomization, stable paint flow, and high paint utilization rate. The atomization effect of the paint spray gun is related to the internal channel design and the accuracy of the aperture on the nozzle and air cap on the one hand, and also to the working air pressure on the other hand. Experienced masters know that branded automatic car paint spray gun usually have better atomization effect than other brand guns. The high pressure spray gun atomizes better because its working pressure is high, but the air consumption is large, and the paint utilization rate is low.

3. The durability of the auto spray gun

The durability of the paint spray gun mainly depends on the material it uses. A good automatic spray gun material has sufficient compression resistance and light weight, as well as high-quality outer protective layer and internal parts. Many spray guns have good spraying effects at the beginning, but after a few months, the nozzle or air cap aperture becomes larger, or the needle is worn out and cannot be used continuously, that is, the materials used is not well-functioned; there are also automatic spray guns whose paint will fall off after it is applied, which affects both the vision and user experience. This is related to the poor surface material or the level of the electroplating technical process.

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