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Feeding Characteristics of Gravity Spray Guns

Feeding Characteristics of Gravity Spray Guns

1. How is the gravity spray gun fed?

Gravity spray gun feeding is to use the action of gravity to place the paint at a high place, and to flow downward with the help of gravity for transportation. This method is suitable for conveying small batches of paint. Generally, the volume of the paint container for the gravity spray gun is 0.25-0.5L.

The paint cup is above the gravity spray gun. When working, the paint flows to the nozzle by its own gravity. At the same time, the negative pressure generated by the high-speed air flow sprayed from the gravity spray gun also promotes the movement of the paint, so a larger flow can be obtained.

2. The advantages and characteristics of gravity spray gun

The gravity spray gun has the advantages of light weight, easy hand-held operation, easy color change, and quick and convenient cleaning. When spraying a large amount, you can also place the large-volume feeding tank in a high position above the gravity spray gun, and connect it to the spray gun with a paint hose.

The requirements for spraying flow, and considering the flow resistance of the conveying system, the longer the paint hose, the more intermediate valves and joints, the greater the flow resistance. In addition, the location should be considered to facilitate the addition of paint.

The container containing the paint is open or has an air inlet, which is the key to gravity feeding, because only when it is connected to the outside atmosphere, the air can enter the container to fill the space occupied by the paint used for spraying, and ensure the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the container. equal.

It is because of this feature that paint can be added to the container without stopping spraying. The material used to make the paint tank must have good compatibility with the paint to prevent corrosion and other chemical reactions.

3. Problems existing in gravity spray gun feeding

The disadvantage of gravity feeding is that the paint flow is not easy to control, which will have a greater impact on the spraying effect. Especially when using a large-volume paint tank, the viscosity and flow characteristics of the paint, the inner diameter and length of the hose will directly affect the change in the paint delivery rate.

When the vertical distance between the gravity spray gun and the paint level in the paint tank changes, the resulting pressure difference will also affect the flow of paint.

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