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How to Use Different Spray Guns and Their Characteristics

How to Use Different Spray Guns and Their Characteristics

I. The difference between auto spray gun and manual spray gun

Spray guns can be divided into auto spray guns and manual spray guns. Although both are spray guns, their use methods and functions are a bit different.

1. Manual spray gun

The manual spray gun is a tool that needs to be operated by people at all times. In the spray gun, it is operated by hand.

How to use: Manual spray guns are all used on the hand spray line; if a new spray gun is used, it needs to be sprayed with water or cleaning solution for the first time.

(1) Access to the air source: The air source is provided by an air compressor, and the air pressure needs to be adjusted to about 3-5 kg, which needs to be stable to ensure the stability of spraying.

(2) Access to paint: The oil supply methods of the manual spray gun are divided into gravity type, pressure feed type and suction type. The suction type and gravity type only need to pour paint into the spray can of the spray gun. The effect of spraying can be achieved directly through the suction principle of the spray gun.

2. Auto spray gun

A spray gun that does not need manual spraying and is automatically operated through a control cabinet; generally suitable for automatic painting lines or robotic arms. So the auto spray gun only needs us to adjust the function and it will be OK.

II. What is the difference between a high-pressure spray gun and a low-pressure spray gun?

Pneumatic spray guns are divided into two types: high-pressure spray guns and low-pressure spray guns according to the size of air consumption. So what is the specific limit for this air pressure? What are the characteristics of each of them?

Usually we use about 0.2Mpa to judge whether the spray gun is a high-pressure spray gun or a low-pressure spray gun in the daily use process. The characteristics of each are as follows:

1. High pressure spray gun

The air pressure used is about 0.4-0.5Mpa, which is the air pressure range of general pneumatic spray guns. All of this range cannot be called an absolute high pressure gun, of course, it is indeed high pressure relative to low pressure.

Its main feature is its strong spraying atomization ability. It can quickly spray our products in different industries in a large area and improve work efficiency. However, the disadvantage is that the paint or coating is wasted more.

2. Low pressure spray gun

As the name implies, the paint can be atomized well under low air pressure, which can achieve our spraying effect. The most important thing is that the paint will not be scattered in a large area without high air pressure rebound. Thereby increasing the paint rate.

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