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How to Distinguish the Quality of an Automitve Spray Gun?

How to Distinguish the Quality of an Automitve Spray Gun?

To have a good atomization effect on the painted surface of a car, the choice of a automotive paint gun is very important. How to tell if a automotive paint spray gun is good or bad?

Ⅰ. Use the automotive paint gun to test first

Before using an automotive paint spray gun, we can test spray, test atomization, spraying, etc. When testing a car paint spray gun, you need to pay attention to the following questions to know whether the paint spray gun is a good spray gun.

Ⅱ. The steps to detect the quality of the automotive paint gun

1. Whether the air output of the automobile paint spray gun is even;

2. Adjust the valve of each function on the car paint spray gun to see if it can be adjusted by yourself until it is adjusted to the usual required condition;

3. Check whether the atomization effect of spraying is uniform;

4. Whether the regulating valve can control the atomization size freely;

5. When the car paint spray gun is being tested, check whether the drawing is regular;

6. It is also necessary to check whether the knob of the car paint spray gun is sensitive;

7. Whether the spray width and paint volume are normal at the maximum and minimum;

8. After completing the above tests, you can probably know the quality of this car paint spray gun.

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