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Advantages Of Hvlp Spray Gun

Advantages Of Hvlp Spray Gun

Traditional air spray gun transfer efficiency (i.e., paint utilization rate) is about 30%, and the other 70% of the spraying solvent with the flying mist scattered into the surrounding area, causing a large amount of waste of paint or coating.  It is not only to increase economic costs, and VOC, benzene and formaldehyde as well as other toxic and harmful substances emissions are very large, which would result in serious pollution of the atmosphere and water environment, meanwhile are unhealthy to workers. As for operation works that the construction sites often change, the air compressor used in traditional air spraying is large and heavy, and the transportation of equipment also is inconvenient, as well as consuming labor. However, HVLP spray gun or spraying equipment can greatly reduce the flying mist and overspray, decrease paint and solvent emissions, greatly save the amount of spraying, meanwhile maintaining a clean working environment, protecting the atmosphere and health of the workers. Besides, portable HVLP spray gun is also very convenient to carry, so it is easy to change the construction site frequently.

HVLP, which stands for High Volume Low Pressure, is an environmentally friendly paint-saving spraying standard developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and adopted by many countries around the world. HVLP technology was introduced to the market in the 1970s, and then attracted the attention of the EPA's Air Quality Management Board, which eventually gave the final definition of HVLP technology in the 1980s, i.e., the delivery efficiency (i.e., paint utilization) of the spray equipment or gun must be higher than 65%; the air outlet pressure at the nozzle must be equal to or less than 10 PSI, and it must be certified by an authorized authority of the EPA. to be called HVLP spraying equipment.

Nowadays, due to the first-class spraying quality, super portability, economy and environmental protection of HVLP spraying equipment, most of them are used in foreign field fine spraying, such as HVLP car painting, aircraft, yacht, furniture, cabinet, sanitary ware spraying, etc., which not only can get high quality surface effect, but also can save a lot of paint dosage. It makes the unit cost of construction reduce about 50%, and at the same time convenient and fast.

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