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Tips and Crafts for Painting Furniture with a Manual Paint Spray Gun

Tips and Crafts for Painting Furniture with a Manual Paint Spray Gun

Furniture is the most common in our lives, and every family has more or less different types of furniture, so the painting of furniture is a very important issue for every furniture factory. Only a good spraying process can obtain a good surface treatment, and this appearance can be favored by customers.

Ⅰ. The specific process of painting furniture with a manual spray gun is as follows: varnish process (three bottoms and two sides)

1. Clean up the surface of the furniture first. If there are pencil marks or other things, use sandpaper to grind them off; (be careful not to whiten the edges when grinding)

2. Spray the primer once with the paint spray gun, and then use putty (putty is generally blended with color matching powder, cooked glue powder, and double fly powder, and the color of the putty is darker than the color of the plate) to fill the pores of the board;

3. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the board or wood strip;

4. Spray the first primer with the paint spray gun;

5. After drying, use putty blended with color powder, cooked glue powder and double fly powder to cover up such as nail holes and tree scars, so as to be the same as the color matching;

6. After drying, use fine sandpaper to smooth the rough part of the toner, this time is very important;

7. Spray the primer for the second time with the automotive primer spray gun, and spray it for the third time when it is fast drying; (Note: When spraying the third time, pay attention to the humidity of the air. If it is too humid, you must wait for the previous paint to dry completely. Sand first and then primer);

8. After the third coat of paint is dry, it is fully polished (looking from the side, no bright spots should be seen);

9. Spray the first topcoat with a paint spray gun;

10. The second coat can be sprayed when the first coat is quick-drying.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of paint spray guns

1. Pay attention to the humidity of the air when spraying for the second time. If it is too humid, you must wait for the previous paint to dry, and then polish it before spraying the topcoat;

2. Minimize dust in the air when spraying topcoat.

There are many processes for spraying furniture with a manual spray gun, but by spraying according to such a process, our products can get a better spraying process, so that more high-quality products can be produced.

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