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Why Can't the Paint Be Sprayed Even if the Spray Gun Is Not Clogged?

Why Can't the Paint Be Sprayed Even if the Spray Gun Is Not Clogged?

Spray gun blockage is ruled out as the cause. We need to differentiate between manual and auto spray guns.

Manual spray guns

This primarily occurs in lower pots (suction-type) spray guns, while upper pots (gravity-type) and pressure-type spray guns do not encounter such problems. Lower pot spray guns rely on the siphoning effect of the spray gun to supply oil, so the cause arises when the siphoning effect is disrupted.

Firstly, we need to observe whether the paint can is properly screwed or sealed with the spray gun.

Secondly, whether the needle and nozzle has been disassembled. If so, the nozzle needs to be re-tightened.

Thirdly, there is a manual spray gun clamp between the spanner and the gunhead, where leaks may occur. Slightly tighten the clamp screw accordingly and observe if oil comes out. If not, it may require changing the clamp kit.

Auto spray guns

  • The situation where oil is not supplied without the use of pressure buckets and diaphragm pumps is basically the same as with manual spray guns. It can be resolved by carrying out the same checks as above.

  • Most auto spray guns still require diaphragm pumps or pressure buckets to supply oil. Therefore, we need to eliminate issues from the following perspectives:

Firstly, check whether the auto spray gun has gas supply. Check if each pressure reducing valve in the device supplies air to the auto spray gun. Without gas supply, the spray gun will not spray paint.

Secondly, if there is gas supply but the air pressure is insufficient to open the auto spray gun, oil will not be sprayed. Increase the air pressure or the size of the air storage tank to ensure that the spray gun works properly.

Thirdly, when it is confirmed that there is gas supply and the auto spray gun still does not oil, check whether the solenoid valve on the control switch can operate normally. If not, it will be discovered that CLY has not been able to open, thus naturally there will be no oil spraying.

Therefore, when inspecting, not only should the problem of auto spray guns be examined, but also the supporting equipment and gas and oil paths.

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